Animated Texture Creator V1.0

Hey guys,

Im working on this program that takes all your images and places them nicely into one texture for the game engine.

Current Abilities:

Automatic row, column calculations.

Resize images to lower resolution or higher resolution.

Set the amount of columns

Exports to BMP, PNG, GIF, JPG

Flip textures to read from top to bottom or left to right.(Doesnt mirror the textures, it just rearranges them to suit)


wow, this is just great, thanks a lot for work on that, it take a lot of time to make one of those!

Thank you sooooo much now i can easily make my own animated textures!
When are you planning on releasing it?

probably going to release it today as a demo

great this is what has been holding me back from using animated textures

yayy!, looking soo good!, can’t wait until you release this!

This is a life saver! really great work!

bdw, when will you releas it ?:stuck_out_tongue:

Really keen on getting this when are you planning to release it?

Hi every one!, as no update is given from @coreystj about any release of this i found an similar program on the net, it can be used/downloaded from here:

I take no credit for this as i only found it and didn’t create it^^

and bdw you need Microsoft silverlight to use it.

The reason why I didn’t post it was because the program is soooo good, it works so well that I don’t want to share it anymore hahah!!! im Greedy, very greedy lmao. sorry guys…its just one of those things I decided not to give out.

Why would you post this then? That is ridiculous.

Thanks for making it just for yourself.

@esoneson, I’ll just use the one in your post.

Like I said, im sorry for posting it, but if you want it ill be glad to sell it for 5$. I didn’t realize how useful my program was until I completed it.

Well, $5 isn’t much to ask for a good program, and maybe you should amend your thread title and initial post to give the information and the link to buy it at for those that might still be interested in this case - can’t hurt to give people the option.

hahah!!! im Greedy, very greedy lmao. sorry guys

That attitude…Well, I’ll just say I think it’s sad you suddenly ask money for it.

I don’t think the thread belongs in “Game Engine / Works in Progress and Game demos” anymore if it ever did.

So he changed his mind afterward, never came back to comment on it, and only then after someone revived the thread did he say that he decided to sell it instead of giving it away.

Not a crime to change your mind about a work you are proud of, is it?

Is not a crime to dangle a lollipop in front of a kid, pretend to give it to him, receive the admiration and joyous response, then jerk it back, laugh and demand 5 dollars for it, is it? No, but it’s inconsiderate to say the least.

Not that I was personally looking forward to this tool in particular. But I’m seeing a display of excess pride and greed that I don’t think fits well into Blender community. If I needed to I’d rather check every alternative or stitch those textures together in GIMP myself rather than give my money to someone who “laughs his ass off” asking for money about something that he supposedly made for free for the community.

And since this thread is about advertising a commercial tool that you can use in conjunction with Blender, it doesn’t belong in this category if at all on this forum.

No where in the original post is there language about giving this away freely, do I see something you don’t?

Thread is posted in Works in “Progress and Game Demos”, not in “GPL Only”… and really, don’t get offended by the OP’s language. People here are quick to down a person collecting a fee, but then they go out and spend that much on a soda and burger or on a movie or game rental. It is not even a plug in or addon for Blender, so I don’t see the problem here. Nothing revolutionary here from what I can tell.

Or… you can use free ImageMagick software:

montage -background transparent -geometry +4+4 *.png combined.png

ubuntu: “sudo apt-get install imagemagick”
windows/mac: just download and install from