Animation 2020 - happening or not?

A intermediate import/export should ALWAYS be there, no matter what 3D application you use.
NO 3D application will become the ‘one fits all’ at studios, that’s a utopian idea.
Having proper ways to shuffle data around is key, not just for assets, but also for scene building, lighting & rendering.

It has become my experience that developers are quick to ignore suggestions, even well thought out feature requests (including lots of examples).
It is often quickly dismissed as user error or ‘by design’. The ability to ignore everything that’s on the other side of the fence still amazes me, even after I started fiddling with 2.8 beta…

If you want to change things, you will have to bring a LOT of other people along, in combination with a well though out and explained plan. Maybe then, you have a shot at changing certain things…
And if you want to have a proper shot, go to the dev forum directly, you have the best chance of being notice by the more professional user base.


There is a good level of truth on what you are saying but let not generalize, For example sculpt mode is having a lot good workflow oriented features, now we have decent collection system. But with in animation department things have been slow since @Aligorith ( devs who has implemented the Blender animation system) has been inactive, yes there is someone in charge now but for the person to get his head around the system, it is taking time. What we need for the Blender animation system is a " Pablo for animation" then our request would not be ignored.


Agree we need Pablo second generation and we need it now😂


It might be a bit generalizing, but I feel that the regular users are often fix basic things in Blender, that should be the part of the devs themselves.

e.g. the Outliner, a frustration for many users for a long time, with countless suggestions trickled in rightclick and the developers forum. This should not be a GSOC item for a 3rd party programmer (as talented as he is), but a internal task.
It’s not sexy enough I guess, and there’s a lot of other things that should get more love from the devs.

Like proper asset management, which is for me quite baffling that after all these in-house projects there’s still nothing there. But there are 3rd party countless projects on GitHub showing that with some love, something amazing can be done here for everyone.

But you get the/my point I guess. :wink:


Yes, I got to your point. One thing i have learn since i have been following Blender development is development time. The time to have a good feature in the FLOSS world is pretty long. We have to wait, if you subjectively follow Blender development you should agree with me. It happens like this because of many vectors, most people will think is money, but my observations have shown me that there are many others factors. Among other developer’s motivation, does the community support this feature, one of the very big slow down of software development with a big project on size of Blender, code maintenance, courage to break things in order to have a new fresh start, …

Taking the example of the outliner is actually a good starting point that explain what i have mentioned above. @Aligorith had worked on it, Severin worked on it and Dalai touched here and there, last year Nathan with GSOC brought us many other features, for a better workflow.
Multires modifier is another example: Bishop worked on and left, Psy-fi did some and left as well, Campbell, Brecht, Bastian, Dr Sergey( i m a big fan LOL) are maintaining here and there, and now we have Pablo is a sculptor developer who is polishing for a better workflow. The all process took like 10 years.

For animation we need people to show out there this is what is missing, this is what is broken. I m pretty sure if people are posting there animations workflow, showing again and again what and where is the problem, if the core developers don’t fix it, a miracle will happen, for sculpt mode the miracle name is Pablo.

Damn, i didnt even know Ton communicates through twitter. If i didnt stumbled upon this thread by chance, i never would have picked up that they postponed the 2020 poject to 2022. One would think that this information is important enough to mention it at least in one of Pablo’s video blogs.

Which brings me to another request dear Blender Foundation:
STOP SCATTER AROUND BLENDER NEWS ALL OVER THE INTERNET! How hard can it be to centralize info through one channel. I dont give a damn which one, just pick one site and go with it.
I’m getting tired to check 10 sites on a daily basis to keep myself up to date with important development news.

Sorry about that little rant there, but that postponement of the 2020 project just got to me. I’m in the same boat as Artur_Wieczorek, thinking about changing pipeline to Blender for upcoming pojects. Right now Blender seem to be far far away to be taken seriously. Felinto seem to be a nice guy but that may be the problem. As a project coordinator, i’m just not sure if he’s up to the task. I wish they hire someone who brings some structure in this chaos.


Was pretty much inevitable that Animation 2020 would be postponed. Did people not see the huge list of stuff planned this year like performance, an asset manager, Everything Nodes, sculpting improvements, etc., etc.? There is absolutely no way that animation tools would take priority when there are already so much to do and fix.

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They have an official blog on the main website. If you want pretty much all the info you need, you can just use this link:

I’m aware of their blog, yet i can’t find any info about the animation 2020 postponent, have you?

There is an entire blog post about projects for 2020. Animation 2020 was completely absent on that list. You do the math.

Did people not see the huge list of stuff planned this year like performance, an asset manager, Everything Nodes, sculpting improvements, etc., etc.?

Yeah, performance and proper nodal structure would be what I call an animation update. Actually this would finally push Blender towards becoming a serious production software. The problem is I can’t see any mentions of it either. Seriously, for now making a proper referencing system is considered a Big Project. Give me a break.

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It is a big project if supporting it properly means a lot of refactoring and deep architectural changes (because the app. was never coded with that in mind in the first place). It may look small from the user viewpoint, but the starting point is an architecture that was not built at all with professional-grade flexibility in mind (in other words, why the depsgraph, datablock handling code, and other areas needed a rewrite).

Now the process could be greatly sped up if the devs. just applied hacks and bandaids to the current architecture, but that just means a house of cards with randomly breaking features, random performance regressions, and random crashes.


Ok, where can I see the planned design of future blender? I mean the architecture. I can’t see it on The only thing they post is bug tracking and flashy stuff.

I don’t know if you consider this bug tracking and flashy stuff, or if it answers your question even, but I often consult this page to find out about what’s in development.

The FAQ and just the wiki in general has a lot of interesting information for anyone concerned with the future of blender.

(it’s linked to on the page you referenced)

On that page, you can click on the page and then click on the projects link for any section you’re interested in.

This is for animation and rigging

Can anyone give a feedback who actually get a performance boost through the latest TBB update? At least my 1080 didnt profit from it, not even one frame.

In the updated modules blog post, it lists “Visual Keying” for animation.

Does anybody know what this means? I’m slightly excited this may finally mean editable motion paths.


I was wondering as well. Probably motion paths…

There is no animation improvement for the blender 2.90+ series , all this improvement will happen in blender 3.0 serie so we are at least one year away,
But generally speaking blender animation tools it’s pretty solid !!
For a motion path editing this add-on looks very good

There is also lot of animation add-on for blender to buy which improve animation capabilities dramatically and I think this is the reason why blender foundation doesnt hurry up
Spending let’s say $60 to $100 for add-ons it’s nothing when you do a professional work !

It’s literally written just above though

And the priority on performance should be enough for now. Shiny new features would not feel that great if using them causes Blender to stutter and crawl. Blender first needs to allow users to deform a high resolution mesh (including sculpts) at realtime or near-realtime framerates.