Animation Challenge #47 Entries CLOSED

Hi all,

It’s time to get animating again.

The rules can be found at the following link:…2&postcount=52

As usual, this will finish on Saturday at noon (NZST).

                             Have fun!


You can find stock characters here:

If you need server space to post animations, try these hosts:

i might try this

I am going to try to get time for this one. I have never tried one of these, but it looks fun. I had a couple of ideas allready, and I have got to go with a Calvin model.

Edit: Okay I have given this a shot, unfortunatly I will no longer have any time this week to polish this animation.


Will try to do this one as well if I can make the time… should be fun!

Well, I did not get the time I needed for this one… but will hopefully give the next one a try! Drop me from placeholder please.

Edit: Well, with the extended time I managed to put something together… I consider this to be my first animation and complete follow through with an idea! I’m excited. My nephew Zach gave me the idea. Give credit where credit’s due.

Here’s the link:


aligortih: ill give you a dollar if u extend the deadline

tis friday and im not even half way done

It’s noon now, and I WILL give an extension until the end of tomorrow (local time).


Nearly finished…Hold on - nearly there…
[INDENT]still rendering…[INDENT]OK thats it - ready or not.
[/INDENT][/INDENT]One week is barely long enough, congrats to Busterhymen for posting so quick.

Come on RANKN67 we still want to see yours finished.

Heres mine:-

(0.9mb XVid)

(P.S. can we go back to giving us 2 weeks to finish)

ya,… not happening, ill just use wat i have now as a project to finish

edit: im workin on it, definatly not makin the deadlines but i can still post it here anyways, right?

Thanks McSmiffy
I wish I had a little more time.
RANKN67, you can do it. I can’t speak for us all, but I don’t mind at all waiting until you finish.

Thanks again

hey, is this open or closed?? Can one still enter?

go for it…

It still sits tantalysingly open - Like a giant stone hallway in an ancent temple that you just know you’ve tripped a wire, and you’re wondering if you can sprint the length of the corridoor and reach back to snag your hat, before it collapses on top of you!
I’ve been having a really tough time lately with a change of jobs and a chronically sick munchkin, so I’ve felt singularly uninspired (My problem - not the topic!)
Haven’t even fired up blender for month or so, but I might just have that small spark that’s required to get up and sprint - the ceiling be damned!
Hold me a place …

well its almost saturday again, so why not extend till then. Started already and finished my very bad model, no I have to start animating it. Very simple model so it shouldnt take that long… I hope… as long as the roof holds!

I was about to give up when I saw your post. Perhaps there is hope!

i think im gonna try this one, ill try to get it done by today, or whenever the deadline is:evilgrin:
edit:actualy nevermind, im too busy and tired

Mine will most definetly suck, so just try it mack. Its hard work must say, but fun… I guess.

@Ammusionist So, I’ll see your post soon? :stuck_out_tongue:

wooot celebrate the sucky-ness

I’ve started a WIP thread - I’m at work now, need to pull an all-nighter when I get home probably.

for a weekend challenge?!!?!? u no we arnt gettin payed, right?