Animation Challenge #48 Entries CLOSED

Hi all,

Sorry for the delay in getting this round up. The sound file that Busterhymen originally chose was a bit on the long side, so I waited for a shorter clip. Busterhymen has provided 3 clips, the 3rd of which will be used for this round, and the other two for the round that will occur while voting for this round takes place.

This round will last for 2 weeks and will end on the end of Saturday (NZST).

The rules can be found at the following link:…2&postcount=52

Have fun, and take note of the closing dates please,

You can find stock characters here:

If you need server space to post animations, try these hosts:

Even if you don’t manage to complete your entry, just post what you’ve got. I’d be good to have more entries for these challenges. :smiley:


I would like to try to enter!
If i’ve got the time, I’ll put somthing together!


No excuses! :stuck_out_tongue:

Placeholder for me.

I’ll try to get an entry in. How many more rounds are there?

Count me in… I’ll give it another go.

And that I did… here’s my entry:

With motion blur, no Ray tracing:

No motion blur, but with Ray tracing:
**** Just added a verion with ray tracing but no motion blur… I’m thinking the ray traced version looks better? That’s the one I’d like to use for voting if this goes to voting. Anim

I would like to introduce “Frank” with this animation challenge. I call him Frank because until I made a few adjustments he had a very small mouth and NO LIPS! My wife said that he reminded her of Frank Burns from MAS*H for those of you that remember that classic.

Great animation by the way McSmiffy. I really enjoyed your last submission as well!

C’mon Marslyr, Djarielm, Cap’n, and Rankn67… let’s see some animations!

Good Luck to everyone… Animwannab

Here’s a thumb of frame one from the animation…


hell , i have to get off wow some day, i might try this, gonna be on the simple side tho

edit- im almost positive im gonna get this done by the time it neds to be done, its not gonna be great but i just wanna see if i can make a deadline in life,

so i guess i can put down a place holder thingy


Just a friendly reminder that there is one more week until all entries must be in! :smiley:


btw aligo, ur link for mancandy is bad, but u can get it off of mstrams best of blender post -in his sig-

Your not helping by saying that… :confused:

I’m not doing lypsynching this time, will be to cliche with the count down. I’m trying a different approach, but will still be acting. Hope it turns out good.

With an audio clip like this weeks I thought I go for a photorealistic
historically correct recreation of a Saturn 5 launch from 1968…

            .....but then again maybe not. 

(2.1mb XVid)

If I get time I might try a re-render of the fluid-sim part but
it really sloooooows my computer down.

how long did that take u?


I probably spend 2 to 3 hours a night on these so I guess total time would be 20-25 Hours.

o shat thats alot. wats with ur avatar btw

Hey RANKN67, EQ2 is the game that I play… I understand the addiction for sure!!! Tried Vanguard but it was way too buggy at first… Hope you can pull away long enough to create a submission… :yes:


ok hers my submitions, its not the pretties, the best, or one of the greatest, but one thing it is, is the worste. some of you may click on this thinking that therse a slim chance it might not be that bad, but im tleling u now, u will be just kidding urself, so, enjoy if u can find a way to, and thanks for watching
here she is

I’ve just done mine tonight, don’t expect anthing great. Sorry about the wmv codec, i didn’t have time to encode it.

Here is a version on youtube for those that can’t play wmv’s:

*Edit: I’ve re-encoded it:

I think this thread and the weekly animation challenge is dead :frowning:

I hope not, I was planning on entering, one of these days! :frowning:

Actually, I had thought of entering this one, but I came up with the idea for it too late. :wink: