Animation : Flickering object when camera moves close to them

Hello everyone,
I made a simple scene compose by a alley of 102 tubes, the spacing between those tubes is increasing progressively in the lengthwise.
The only animation is about the camera moving along this alley.
This animation last for 600 frames, there is only two keyframes use for the camera location moves.

When I render this animation with a png sequence, or directly with a h264 (ffmpeg). The tubes flicker/vibrate when the camera is moving along them.
I’m using a renderstreet subscription to render those frames

I read in this forum that it could came from a bad ajustement of my camera clipping. I tried to change those parameters ( s: 0.3mm / e: 100m) but nothing changed.

I use Blender 2.79 with pro lighting sky demo.

If someones can help me to fix those flickers it would be great

Looks like you may be getting a reflection change as your camera moves closer which to me is indicating a shading issue. You might put your shading as diffuse and change your world to a default and put in some emission planes to test it out. Then gradually switch your shaders to determine if that is it. Also you might try changing the depth of field. If that doesn’t work, maybe a little motion blur will correct the reflections that you are seeing that turn off and on. You can check by comparing frames side by side. You might have better response in the rendering section as they tend to specialize in that more than in this section.

Hello stilltrying,
Thank you so much for your quick answer !

I will try every changes that you spoke of, and see if any improvement appear.
Thanks again.

Hello again,
I tried some changes one by one and sadly nothing get better.
Here is a few tests

-This one with diffuse shader with prolighting sky

-This one with principed shader + no prolighting sky + one simple light source

-This one with principed shader + no prolighting sky + plane emission + a focus on one empty close to the camera

I will go further in the camera setting/depth of field and see what i can improve !

If anthing come to your mind, tell me and I will also see if like you said in the rendering section someone can help me :slight_smile:

Hi, did you find any solution? I have the same issue and can’t find a solution :frowning:

I think that I see the “flickering” that the OP is speaking of, and it could simply be an artifact of where the camera is. When the stick is moving past the camera, it is very close to it, and so the amount of displacement from one frame to the next is large. This can break-up the illusion of continuous motion, creating flicker. (You can see this in conventional motion pictures, too.)

You can see this by rendering several consecutive frames, then putting them in a “flip-book” where you can step forward and backwards through them one frame at a time.

Motion blur, or simple blurring based on Z-distance, should offset this effect by making the objects, shall we say, “fatter.” You can also set the depth-of-field so that the close-by objects go out of focus. Re-positioning the camera would be a simple solution. Use lighting etc. to keep the viewer’s eye where you want it to be so that flicker is less noticeable.