Animation Nodes


(RayVelcoro) #3121

Are you willing to make a tutorial on how to obtain this effect from start to finish? Or just a screenrecording of the proces? Would be appreciated a lot!

(RayVelcoro) #3122

Hi all,

I know how to control a cycles material or instanced object with the Sound Falloff node, but how can i control the strength of a spot lamp with the sound falloff node? I tried to parent a empty to the lamp and controlled the scale of it with the help of sound falloff but it didnt gave me the result I was looking for because the empty keeps getting moved to the center.

(Lumpengnom) #3123

Sure. I’ll have time next week to write something up.

(Joel_nl) #3124

Looking at the Github of Animation Nodes i see there hasnt been any development for months (not counting a fix for spelling)
Has development stagnated, or am i missing something?

(RayVelcoro) #3125

many thanks already!

(tungee) #3126

Seems development ist stopped

(JWise) #3127

I see that Jacques Lucke stopped posting here four months ago, does anyone know if he’ll return to AN or has his time with this amazing project come to an end?

(ajcdfin) #3128

He (Lucke) is currently working on the 2.8 project. Clockmender has done some really great work with AN - he has a web site and Git hub.

(JWise) #3129

All around GREAT news!

(tungee) #3130

On 2.8? Where?

(krupa) #3131

Is there a way to have objects that are influenced by the node setups show the results in every scene that they are instanced in?

(ajcdfin) #3132

My MISTAKE about Jacques Lucke … confused him with some one else, SORRY :o

(Joel_nl) #3133

Reply from twitter:

I just finished my exams and I’m on vacation right now. Afterwards I will teach myself about more about compilers and will work on Blender related projects again. Mostly AN I guess.

(Lumpengnom) #3134

Does anybody know how to get one node tree from one blend file to another? I tried it with append but AN would allways turn red and not work.

(norvman) #3135

Does anybody know how to get one node tree from one blend file to another? I tried it with append but AN would allways turn red and not work.

Maybe save the original as a ‘scene’ (look along the top tool bar and you will see that you can give a scene a unique name and create and delete them)
the append using ‘scene’…

might not work but worth a try…

(Lumpengnom) #3136

Hey, that worked. Thank you! :smiley:

(tungee) #3137

Could someone provide a osx AN 2.1 develop build?
I burn to try the vectornoise node

(amm) #3138


just wanted to share a small procedural ‘book lister rig’. Setup is more or less replica of numerous similar setups I did in Softimage ICE. Basically it takes only vertex positions and bounding box as input, not any specific vertex ID or such. That means, it should produce similar results on any other book model with similar orientation and flat lists as an initial vertex ‘layout’. Thing is driven by x translation of empty/null, perhaps only one important parameter is called ‘map range in air’, which telling how many lists are rotated together.
For rendering deformation blur in Cycles, I’ve baked deformations into pc2 file, loaded back as Mesh Cache modifier.

Get the Blend file here.

(brothermechanic) #3139

Can you share your blend setup?

(RayVelcoro) #3140

Nice amm! Would love see that .blend!