Animation Nodes


(jaxtraw) #3282

I only recently discovered Animation Nodes. I really want to use it on 2.8!

(kkar) #3283

Can be? Blender is just an addon for Animation Nodes.

(Jacques Lucke) #3284

New test builds for Blender 2.8 are available now:

Thank you @OmarSquircleArt for doing the majority of the work.

List of addons that work with 2.8
(Printer Killer) #3285



holy moly the mad lads have done it!! Thank you so much!

(dimitribastos) #3287

Incredible. Thank you so much for the porting. :slight_smile:

One question: is it possible to create a collection for object instances (and all object cloners) on the addon? Maybe this is already on to do list, but I feel it’s a good thing to point out in order to make a better design. That object list on the outliner is really “strange”. Thanks!

(kkar) #3288

Why are there versions for different platforms? Is this going to be the way to install it from now on?

(Printer Killer) #3289

There are different platforms for Blender, so it was always like that.
As example, I use a Windows version but when I need to render on I need to upload a Linux version

(MusicAmg) #3290

were do I report the crashes again? Bakesound crashed on me…

(kkar) #3291

Sure, just makes it hard to share configs between platforms. I am wondering about the dependency is there that requires separate builds for platforms.

(Jacques Lucke) #3292

AN uses Cython, which is transpiled to C which is then compiled into shared objects that are python extension modules. Those are platform dependent.
Cython is used to make AN faster.

(kkar) #3293

Ahh ok that makes sense.

(Bernardo) #3294


I am trying to assign a vertex color value to the vertexes of a mesh based on a falloff. What could be a good approach to do that?

I am trying to create a loop that for each vertex of the mesh assign a color, but the only vertex color related node I could if is the Set Vertex Color and that works on an object level. Is there a way to operate on a geometry level?

I was wondering if there is also a way of controlling vertex groups the same way.

Thank you in advance for any help!

(Lumpengnom) #3295

Check the following post:

(Bernardo) #3296

thanks this looks super useful!! Tomorrow morning I’ll check it out!

(gat) #3297

Oh god, what is this? lol

(wph4) #3298

Won’t initialize in OSX.

(Kovalex) #3299

Oh my God!!! Finally, thanks!!!

(Kotskie) #3300

Just tried it, Baking audio spectrum crashes blender (on Ubuntu’) and won’t install on Windows

(Kotskie) #3301

Figured how to install on Windows but baking spectrum still crashes.