Animation Nodes

Hi there,

I tried to get this concept working and I found out some points to take care of.

  1. Take the vertces from the Mesh info node and feed them into the vertex offset node.
  2. The Sound Falloff needs a Frame info (Time Info) to walk through the sound and generate the animated Falloff.

Well thats about it. Hope I could help.

Hi BlenderWillie,
thanks a lot, that solved the issue!

Maybe someone can help out here.
I try to get the vertex normal as a tilt curve rotation to align a curve to a face or better to edge.
This is my setup i tried at first to get the tangents guid by shifting the vertex location list but i fail so i use a curve to get the tagent vector for each vertex.
The curve twist method is z-up

Maybe someone got the same problem and find a better solution.

curve_align_mesh_02.blend (660.7 KB)

Is there an updated guide to animation nodes? I’m just getting into it, and in some of the tutorials I’m following the nodes are different. For example, the “sound baking” node is completely gone

I was following another tutorial that used the 3d viewer

But mine looks like this

Screen Shot 2020-01-18 at 2.58.49 PM

Should I downgrade to an older version? Or are these nodes getting phased out?

Hey Sarge,
you’re right. Animation Nodes had some changes in the last time.

The documentation mostly refers to V2.0. I’m using 2.1.5 with Extra nodes now.

If you connect the 3d Viewer node to some vector data you’ll get the appearance you described above. (color and size selectable). (Don’t know why this isn’t always the same.)

The sound nodes had some streamlined changes too. I recommend to check out some tutorials from Chis.P. He made a series of videos that refer to sound nodes in blender 2.8.1 and I find them very instructive and helpful.

This part is about the AN basics:

This part and the next one is about An sound nodes:

Hope this will help you along.


Thank you so much! I just tried connecting data to the 3d viewer and it worked! Such a noob mistake lol. I’m going to go through Chris P’s tutorials today to learn the sound nodes and any other wisdom he shares. Thank you!

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Is there a Blender 2.8x version for the Archimator avaible?

Hello all, I’m just getting started with AN. It looks like the perfect tool for the job, but it’s kind of overwhelming. There is a specific thing i’d like to achieve; an array of cubes, which eventually fall into place, in the shape of something i still have to decide. ideal thing would be a ‘‘filled’’ curve, which could be the shape of a country which i can easily manipulate afterwards.

i can find alot of array tutorials, but most of them are just simple square-shaped and more focused on the falloff part, instead of the shape of the array itself. not really sure where to start, can someone push me in the right direction?

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In case you feel like taking a shortcut - I believe Animax can accomplish this. I think it uses Animation Nodes guts just dumbed down for ez access.

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I have 2 questions about animation nodes;

1 How can i rotate a text after using the offset matrix? What i want is rotate the text entirely, not the individual letters.

2 How can i add some secondary motion to the animation, without using the fcurves (ie back, linear etc) nor softbodies?

Thank you very much!

1 How about this:

Remember to uncheck the “Use Matrix List” checkbox.

2 How about this. Using a transform matrix node:



Thank you!!

Using the second option how can i animate the rotation? I tried with keyframe the rotation, but it does not work!

Hey everyone, hope this is the right place to ask this. I’m trying to figure out how to do a python dictionary in AN. I have a script sub program that is using a Dict, and I want to output it from the nodes. But this doesn’t seem to be a thing?

If it’s not supported, is there some other method to do a list of text lists? (other than converting a list to a string, then converting it back later with separators.)