Animation Nodes

Neon Generator using Animation Nodes. Just wanted to share what I came up with.


Thank you for your assistance with these nodes.
Might I request, and you honor, that you start your own thread and tutor participants of the thread on this wizadry?
For example, I believe that your AN_Example_Text_Animation is the crux of a quite interesting, capable and formidalbe mograph text love-fest. I am finding it quite fun.
Questions, though, abound. Afraid, though, that I haven’t formulated them, yet.

I really wanted to express my appreciation for your AN tutorial materials.

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How to set instansed object to another collection?
By default they are in “Animation Nodes Object Container” collection


Hi thanks for the kind words !

So here the BA thread if anyone is interested in the AN example/template github !

cheers guys, and happy noding ! :slight_smile:

Has anyone found a way to turn an image sequence into voxel data to influence some property of a 3D grid of either particles or vertices (in an efficient way)?

I’m pretty sure the answer is no but well, it’s worth asking.

Hello, is it possible to animate a specific object after using matrix offset?

Thank you!

Is there any convenient way to merge multiple node graphs? I have nodes in one graph referencing subprograms from another graph. If I copy the contents of one to another, then I get duplicates of all the sub programs. If I delete the originals, then everything breaks because the sub programs are pointing to the deleted version still.

How to add extra socket types into animation nodes

Hello, I want to make this effect

Sound effecting an array, just like Jacques Lucke first example

Please someone show me a node setup, thank you!


as I see the Blender version you have shown is out of date.

I highly reccomend to use the current version which is 2.82a up to now.

Many nodes in AN have changed in the meantime.

If you switched to 2.8x the video linked below, might give you an orientation.

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Thank you for your answer, this video does not show how to duplicate an array, only shows how to move objects, and the screen shot is from the video of luckas not me. I run Blender 2.9. Also I did the effect

Also I did the effect, thank you.

Also here the video of the full animation I did for M&M

Here is my bug report, or just my misunderstanding.

I want to check if a 3D mesh object “Is Inside Volume” another 3D mesh object.

Here is what I expected :-

Here is the result. It is blurry:-

The solid 3D cube (black and red) has “Subdivide” modifier. It has only 8 vertices.
To workaround, I need to apply the modifier to get the expected result.

When I try to fix the AN tree I found that

  • The output of “Mesh Object Input” node is correct (length>8),
  • IMHO, the “Set Vertex Color” doesn’t effect the vertex color of the mesh after modifier.

Is it a bug?
I don’t want to be forced to apply modifier now.

Here is my file : AnimationNode_bugReport.blend (856.3 KB)
Just press “apply” in the modifier will get the correct result.
I downloaded this addon less than 1 month ago. (version 2.1.7)

i’d like show you the way i used AN to animate speed (not rotation neither move). i used object location, fcurve evaluation, simple loop, execution once per frame. i found it handy. all comments, better/smarter/faster ideas, any sugestions - all very appreciated
animation, node setups, screens and some blend file in that topic:

I have some suggestions for working faster in AN. some sort of short cut.
Click on the canvas twice could open up the search and you could search for the node or do math or when you enter a number it will create a number node automatically.