Anime Addicts

if there are any:)

Discussion thread for anime addicts ans similar stuff like mangas and visual novels.

i myself watch the anime Naruto and read the manga occasionaly.

here is the link for the most famous mangas:
has 3 animes. watch animes here: and naruto


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Has the old king of the forum died?

Has the old king of the forum died?

Wait, what?

And,I’m addicted. Mostly to Gurren Lagann.

I’ll be honest, but I’m not too big on anime. I will admit though that the style has been more appealing to me as of late (thank my little sisters and their knack for drawing it).
Two more particularly memorable shows that have that style (though if it’s anime I’m not sure), are Avatar: the Last Airbender and Teen Titans.
However, I don’t watch too much TV either. So I don’t watch those all the time.

M3Gamer, did you read the latest Naruto Manga?

Who is Tobi? hmmm… i have no ideas… :frowning:

Im not that much into anime, but there are a few i really enjoyed…

If you dont mind some gore, you should definatly check out Elfenlied. Another great series imo is Afrosamurai. I love the art-style in this one.
Boondocks is also great show. I had a few good laughs watching this one :slight_smile:

When i was younger I always stayed up late on weekends, because they where showing “Records of lodoss war”-marathons. I remember watching it, but i cant say much about it. Its just too long ago xD

Oh, and there is also Goldenboy and Hellsing…

Grave of the Fireflies, Howl’s Moving Castle

you watch naruto heh? guess who i got my signature from.

99percent that its obito

EDIT: masked man’s mask is broken in the latest chapter, in the n ext chapter you’ll find out for sure who it is.

Deidara i think thats how to spell it.
he’s like a mad bomber.

I don’t think I’m an addict, but when I watch something I maratonize-it :D.
The ones I more liked are:
*Cowboy bebop, just the soundtrack is amazing as the drawings as all of it.
*Neon genesis evangelion, I love the trama and the instrospective of the characters. This one is not for everyone since it has a lot of internal questioning and a lot of drama, every character in its on way had a lot of problems and in the end it ends worst :). But it’s amazing how it one of the few animes that develop all the characters and how all are important along the story. Cowboy bebop is another good of that, but much more light and happy:).
*Death note, is an exclent trama that takes you to the fight between utilitarism (the “bad guy”) and the rules (the good ones). It’s like Dexter with the difference that the main character can kill at distance. the problem this one has is that there are only 3 or 4 character, but the others are like dumb people.
*Code Geass, trama again:)… And the final is one of the best finals I saw.
*Gankutsu, futuristic montecristo :). The drawing are drawing style is amazing, the rest is average.
*Tower of good, this is actually a manwha, but I’m really enjoyingn it. It isn’t lineal as someone would spect, At the end of the first volume my face was like O.o :).
*Bleach (manga and some anime), I liked the beggining but I thinks it got so long that it’s boring me a bit and I read it as Naruto to watch the final. I think that those animes get a bit boring as they get long since it has the same logic as DBZ, a more difficult enemy arises, the main character, kill it, and then again.

Others I liked were Samurai champloo, Wolf rain and hellsing (anime, some day I will read the manga).

PS: I don’t think the autor would be so good to let us know who is Tobi:)

I’m not really an anime addict but I really like Naruto. I think the guys behind the story lines are geniuses and the animators are simply amazing especially when it comes to animating flowing martial arts style/techniques. I can’t wait for another episode where Rock Lee unleashes his Drunken Fist again!

Possible spoiler Alert!!!

You will know who Tobi is when you see his eye.

read this article on the masked man Tobi:

just wait for 3 days and you’'ll know for sure who the masked man is.

For me n1 is ONE PIECE - I am up to date with the anime - don’t like manga so much

n2 is Naruto + Shippuden - I am up to date with both the manga and anime

n3 is Bleach - Watched the anime till they stopped it and manga to hueco mundo part 2 then I stopped and don’t think I’ll be reading anymore because it is going to finish in 10 years time.

Avatar the Legend of Korra is the latest I have finished can’t w8 for book 2 earth.

so… who do you suspect that the masked man is?

Reply before tuesday midnight or i’'ll have the definite answer.


Over the years I’ve grown tired of " suspecting " who enigmatic characters are.

Now I just watch the anime and when I find out i find out. Besides it’s really better if you let the anime surprise you. For instance Legend of Korra gave Amon’s character away too soon IMO.

I only watch and read One Piece…

599 it is revealed who the masked man is. I won’t say anything here maybe people want to find out for themselves. Looking forward to the ending.

I knew it would be Obito but the first question that came to my mind was why would obito do that

typing on azerty keyboard btw

Hmm, anime… well, I haven’t watched many but I’m slowly getting through several series. I’ll list the ones I’ve seen:

  • Season 1 of Shakugan no Shana
  • almost through season 1 of K-On!
  • both seasons of The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya twice (two-time Endless Eight “survivor”) and eagerly awaiting a possible 3rd season. I’ve also seen the two Haruhi spin-offs, the Nyoron-Churuya and Haruhi-chan. They were actually my introduction to the series, and they left me more than confused (also quite funny sometimes).
  • Lucky Star (so hilariously random)

I’m also looking into several other series as well as the other seasons to the ones I’ve seen. Shakugan no Shana Season 2 is being dubbed, K-On! Season 2 is out already, and I’m also curious about Death Note, Fractale, Guilty Crown (intro song by Supercell), Planetes, Code Geass (I call it Code Grass), Fullmetal Alchemist, and a few others. Just need the time to watch 'em all (Gotta Watch 'Em All! …oh, that reminds me, I had started to watch the original Pokemon series a few years ago, got about 28 episodes in IIRC. Wasn’t bad)

I’ve also seen almost all of Hayao Miyazaki’s films (I think the only ones I haven’t see yet are Ponyo and Earthsea), which are all amazing (Nausicaa, Mononoke, Aryetti(?), Howl are among my top favourites) as well as The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya, which has become one of my all-time favourites.