Anime Style Female Base


I’m trying to model a female base but for some reason the head looks off to me. I’m trying to get a mixture between anime style and realistic. All i have at the moment is a basic skin shader. (literally a skin colored lampert shader with no spec.)

I only see two things ‘off’ in your work. First is the columella, which drops down to the middle of the philtrum, when it should go back to connect to the philtrum at the top. Second is the collarbone and associated notch: the notch should be between the two collar bones, it appears to be above them in your model. The collar bones might drop down a bit in the center as well, they seem a bit high and too horizontal.

Other than that, your character looks good. Perhaps it just looks off because you are comparing it to 2D anime drawings.

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First of all, thanks for the crit, I didn’t even notice the collar bone being out of place. And I think the problem you mention about the nose is exactly why it looks off to me. (now I just need to look up the specific names you mentioned as I haven’t really studied face anatomy yet.) I’ll post a updated pic as soon as I finish reinstalling my os.

I believe it’s too bright. Is that from the material or the lighting? Do you have much of the body done?

The columella (I had to look that one up, too) is the bit of cartilage that separates the two nostrils, and shows on the surface between the tip of the nose and the philtrum. The philtrum is the depression in the center of the face between the nose and the upper lip.

Ok, I think I fixed the flaws you pointed out. Also i changed the eyes to 3d objects since they seemed to flat to me. (they probably still do ,but meh.)

Yes, the nose looks much better now. The fix left her with a long space between her nose and her thin upper lip. Kind of like an old lady. You might want to bring the upper lip up a bit and evert it a bit more. Maybe move the whole mouth up a tiny bit. That is, if you want her to look younger.

Why not use large spheres for the eyes? It they are a separate object, you can turn off clipping in the mirror modifier.

Well I’m definately not goin for the old lady look. XD and the reason I didn’t try a sphere is I never had any luck for this type of char. Altho the last time I tried was around a year ago so I’ll give it another try and see what happens.

Ok i think i fixed the lip height problem. and i changed the eyes again. (I tried to use spheres but it kept looking too alien for me.) i also pulled out the eyes a bit as they seemed too far in the head. but i may have just messed it up. However for now i’m gonna work on some basic hair until any errors are pointed out. :stuck_out_tongue:

Btw thanks to everyone who’s helped me so far. I greatly appreciate it. :slight_smile:

Added simple hair which definanitly needs fixing. I also Moved the ears forward a little as they seemed too far back. \

I decided to add this just for a laugh. It was a attempt gone horribly wrong. I have no idea what i was tryin to do. i’m just glad i decided to change the style a little of that could have been alot of time wasted.

Feedback always appreciated. :slight_smile:

I reshaped the bangs slightly and changed how each strand was connected to eachother. Also i had to redo the pony tail to match the bangs better. I think it looks better than before but i’m still not satisfied with it.

Mirrored hair usually looks off. When real people arrange their hair symmetrically, we think they look goofy or nerdy. Once you get the hair mesh connected up the way you want it, apply the mirror and style the hair. Women spend hours and hours arranging their hair just so. Don’t expect to spend less.

oh lol. Never expected real life would have such an impact in 3D modeling :slight_smile: Btw the model looks better.

Yea i agree that complete symmetry is bad for hair. i was mostly just using the mirror to see if the way i modeled it would even look ok or if i needed to try another way. altho honestly if you hadn’t said anything i porbably would have ended up either forgetting or thinking i could get away with it here so thanks for the critique. They’re always appreciated :slight_smile:

real life impacts pretty much any kind of art, especially characters and such since whenever we see something either hand drawn or in 3d the first thing we usually do is try to compare it with something we’ve seen in the world. either consciously or subconsciously (which is why alot of people ,me included ,have alot of trouble with faces, hands, etc. we see them on a daily basis so we’ll notice if somethings wrong even if we can’t pinpoint it exactly.) and thanks for the compliment also :slight_smile:

Fixed the symmetrical issue, i think. (the ponytail is still symmetrical but I’ll fix that at a later date.) I also added basic clothes. Nothing fancy by any means but just something to add to the character. (which i have no idea who the character is or will be.) I flattened the cheeks very slightly as well since it seemed a little to round to me. and finally i added a slight smile to soften the face a little.

As soon as i give her a skirt, i plan on making a quick turntable to show my progress so far. (I don’t want to do a turntable on just her face.)

Also, a quick question. Am i posting too small of updates or are these ok??

The updates are fine. The hair looks a lot better (such a subtle thing!) even if I would prefer to see about 2/3 of her bangs swept one way or the other. But that’s a style preference, not a real critique.

Her jaw looks a little too round in front view for an anime girl: they usually have pointier chins. Her ear seems to be rotated too much, the long axis of her ear is almost parallel to her jaw line. If you take the long axis of her skull (perpendicular to her jaw line) the ear axis looks like it’s off that axis by around 60 degrees or more, and I think it would look better between 30 degrees and 45 degrees.

As to her character, I’d guess from her clothing and hair style that she’s a clerk in some retail or rental outlet: renting cars or videos or a cashier at a grocery store. Not food service, or she’d have her hair in a bun, and not a professional office secretary or clerk because short sleeves and a sleeveless dress or jacket. But she’s working, since nobody wears black and white when they are lounging around the house or out with their friends.

Yea when i was fixing her hair i kept wanting to style it to the side. :stuck_out_tongue: and i originally had the ear at about 40 or 45 degrees, but i thought it was too far out and looked wrong. (anatomy is not my strong suit.) so i changed it. but it should be an easy fix.
and it’s kinda sad you know more about my char than i do XD i actually wasn’t going for the working girl look but it somehow went that way :stuck_out_tongue: Since this was basically just a random char for learning experience i was just modeling randomly. (If i actually decide on who the character is i end up getting stuck to a certain idea and style for the character it gets harder for me to make creative decisions.)
honestly tho, when i look at her now it kind of reminds me of a casino dealer :stuck_out_tongue: maybe that where i got it from? oh well time to get back to modeling. thanks for the help so far. I made far more progress in such a short time on this char than on my first one. this would technically be my second char, since all i ever did was keep trying to fix the first one. >.>

Yet another update.
After i tried to fix the ear as you mentioned i came to realize i had no idea what you were talking about XD It seems i really need to study anatomy. (but too lazy…) idk what the long axis of the ear is but i Think you wanted me to rotate the ear a bit from the front view along the z axis and y axis?

Also i took some of the roundness out of the chin. post it in a default view since the shadows in the color view make the chin indistinguishable from the neck.

I changed the shirt color and had to remove the vest as i coldn’t figure out a color combination that looked good with the char ad have it not look like a store clerk :stuck_out_tongue: I’ll probably go back the the clerk look depending on the feedback. and the belt is just temporary to hide teh seem between the shirt and skirt/dress.

I put her in a rough pose since her looking like she wants to take flight doesn’t really look appealing.

Btw anyone reading this post, please forgive my terrible grammar /spelling mistakes i may have made as trying to text exhausted is never a good idea.

Well, a picture is worth a thousand words, so here’s a picture:

As you can see from the jaw line and head axis, her head is tilted down slightly. This is normal: most people walk around looking toward the ground. Keeps them from tripping or falling into potholes. Anyway, I meant take the ear in side view, and rotate it following the blue arrow.

A casino dealer would absolutely work.

As far as clothing color combinations, you might want to research Super Easy Ways to Find Out Which Colors Flatter You Most or the more complicated Color Theory to find out how women decide to pick what colors to buy and wear. The first one is a pretty quick read and breaks things down into warm and cool. The Color Theory site expands the old Winter Summer Spring Fall colors into twelve seasons… but it has more specific color combination recommendations.

I used this tutorial for the ear If you watch anime you will notice that ears are not that much detailed or worked out. So depends on wath purpose you are going for. Judging on your aim and style only the innerpart of the ear needs some rework.