Announce: Pomelo - a text to mesh generator

I’m happy to announce the first pre-release version of my text to mesh generator, called Pomelo. (Why Pomelo? I’m not really sure, and am open to better naming ideas.)

A bit of background. About half a year ago I tried beveling text in Blender. It was painful. I naively thought that all you needed to do was to write text, extrude and bevel. But this caused lots of bad geometry that needed to be fixed manually. I thought there must be a better way, and after several prototypes, studying 2D and 3D topology, learning gtkmm, pango, cairo, freetype, I finally built Pomelo.

The generation of a text mesh is a two step process in Pomelo. The first step is a 2D algorithm called straight skeleton. It turns out that this is quite slow, so I separated the step from the second step which I called profiling. The profiling uses the skeleton and pushes it up into 3D to generate a mesh.

Eventually I would like to have a rich set of profiles, but currently I only added a rounded corner profile.

The source code repository for pamelo is at: .

I created a Windows installer which can be downloaded at

I’m open for suggestions, and even more so, for code contributions.

And please don’t get me wrong. Blender is a fantastic amazing program! It just doesn’t do text meshes very well.


Thanks for doing this, Dov. Maybe you could post some pictures of what you can achieve with this?

Thanks for the suggestion Howard. Here are a few images.

First the meaning of profiling. Check the difference of different bevel radii:

(More in the next post, as I as a newbie can only put one media per reply)

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Here is the result of loading a random mesh from Pomelo (note the use of the :heart: unicode character) into Blender and looking at it with MatCap:

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International and cursive languages are supported as well. Here is “peace” in arabic:

This still isn’t perfect, as the joining of characters create complex geometries.

Hope these three examples are enough for starters.

I have created a new version of pomelo with the following changes:

  1. Fixed some bad geometry issues.
  2. Added another parameter that allows defining an outline ridge.
  3. Added an 2D skeleton viewer

See the github page at for download.

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