Another 3d Manga Character ^^

Hello, I am here for yet another character model I am doing.
This is a request from another person, I am 3dfying her character. ^^

Here is Miki: ^^ my guide sheet.

and here is the progress so far. :smiley:

I have since redo the character in post #10 March 14 ^^

Finish the torso part and the hair ^^. She also have ears though it is hidden under the hair.
Please Comment!!! your advise/feedback will help me alot specially on my weak part the Topology.

PS: I hope you take time to comment :(. Please.

I wish I knew how to do this all by myself lol great work so far!

Thanks ^^ Animelovers411.
Miki is my 3rd 3d anime/manga model. I am kinda getting it down. Like the other this will be fully rigged.

Progress Report.

Arms and Legs and feet

again crit and comment are welcome.

PS: Should I do warning for nude?

looking pretty good. are you using blender internal? if you are I know how to make great anime materials/ shader- if you want i’ll post the settings (nodes).

Thanks dalron. Yes I am using BI here ^^.
I am using some node material with the skin.
but I will greatly appreciate if you will share the node set up.
Thank you very much.

PS. I also have DA account. ^^

So far.

My hand is not that good though.

Comment and Crits are highly welcome and appreciated. ^^

hey, pictures first:

I don’t know if you’ll need much explanation of the setup, but it’s relatively simple if you’re already using nodes. but as you can see this mimicks good quality anime with both a shadow and highlight! one thing to notice that the shadow section has to be much darker on the material because it gets mixed with the middle tone in the nodes.

also worth noting: this setting only really works like this with one light, I reckon the best is a sun lamp with ray shadow active.

and the proof is in the pudding right? . . .

you’re not obligated to use these settings but have a play!

edit: I’ve been tinkering a bit this morning and come up with a better way.

this way you have complete control of the shadow tone cos it’s not being mixed with anything(using the same materials as the previous set up), so you can get an entirely black shadow tone if you want.

Thanks dalron, I will try the setup when I have more time to play with the materials. ^^

Model the clothes now the challenge is the boots. :smiley:
Sleeveless shirt/ skirt/ Denim Jacket/gloves and boots.

Hello I know I did not post lately but it does not mean I stop modelling.
Contrary to that I finish the model. ^^.
Since the model above is taking me long and I don’t like my experimental method. I scrap it and go back to my old method.
And what not I redo the full model in span of about 5 days. ^^ from March 9 to now.
Trying to work on it everynight or when I am free.

The New Head ->

The Body

The Arms, Hand, Legs

^^ because I can only post up to three :stuck_out_tongue:

The first full cloth

Her boots and some fixes here and there (knee and shoulder area)

Added a Belt.

There I hope you like my work ^^.

Materials and texture is still todo as they are just slap on :D.
Rigging will now commence.

And don’t forget to comment. C&C are highly welcome by me. ^^

Hello there update ^^.
Rigged the character as seen above (body).
Still the belt and gloves need a lot of work.
Some weight are still need to be adjust.

Please comment :(. I want to hear your view regarding my work and how can i improve it.

@dalron: cool tips on the shading!

@kaisaki1342: If your model is intended to take inspiration from modern “kawaii” / cute archetypes, I think you need to put a much smaller nose and a smaller mouth with less protruding lips, basically you almost have to just hint at them, without them making hard shadows (especially from below). Try increasing the space between both eyes, while keeping them large. Eyelashes are important to achieve a feminine look. Also avoid making facial bones and muscles in general too visible through shadows in normal light (unless yours is intended to be a muscular girl), again realism is not very important here, you need to achieve a “clean”, “pure” look.

A good 2D example of manga/anime cute female young girl somewhat similar to yours:

It helps a lot to take real PVC models/sculpts of anime/manga character as reference:

This picture is very small in resolution, but it’s just an example. Of course, high resolution photos are better and will help you understand how to recreate similar characters in 3D.

Thanks for that ^^. But I am not really into cute archetypes for this model.
My prev model Kanata was more of that type (specially the elaborate eyelash). But Miki is not as she is defined as somewhat a punkster/gothic :evilgrin:

Kanata -

The orig design by the person asking me to model this have the eyelash very simple which is a challenge since most girl manga character get most of their girlishness via eyelash.

I try your suggestion in the mouth area. :frowning: (But I love how I model the lips).

Done most of the rig and some shapekeys ^^.

Compositor node problem please help. :frowning:

I want the eyebrow place at layer 3 and in separate renderlayer to appear above the hair.
I have the rest of the character(except the eyebrows) on another renderlayer.

I use an alphaover with the convertpre enable but it still shows the white outline aroun the eyebrow :(.

Notes: change the eyetexture and fix the hair. :slight_smile:

Please comment and help me on my compositor problem. Thank you ^^.

I wish I could rig a character that quickly…!

Unfortunately I don’t know how to help you on the compositor, other than I’ve seen another user do that and his node setup looked very complex: (too bad there isn’t a bigger picture available for the node setup)

Hopefully others will be able to tell you more.

Excellent work. Things evolved in this thread.

I tried the same style. 2d manga to 3d model can be a difficult transition. I made a tutorial about it a long time ago and now its already time to remake it with better techniques. I love the shader. It works well.


2d Anime Head Modelling

Heres some of my attempts at it. I think i make the head too short. And it gives them these chibi looks. You have the head shaped well.

@s12a Thanks ^^ thats quite complex.
@masterxeon1001 Thank you ^^. I have been able to get a style that suits me best. Which is still the style I use to my previous characters Skate and Kanata I am trying to improve it character by character. It is a bit like you speed sketch. except that after the eyesocket I extrude the nosebridge first (leaving the nose) then the cheek to chin area. ^^. In the process I created a mask like mesh :smiley:
My next project after this is violet which is a chibi I hope I can get that one right.

The final rig. ^^ Basic shape key done. I will not do any letter shape key.

Here is a test of one of my shapekey and the driver. ^^

@s12a incorporate the small mouth here via shape key so it is a bit optional :stuck_out_tongue:
You see different mouth width same Catsmile tell me what is cuter :wink:

On the far right is the rig. Bones!!!

Comments and Crits please ^^.

Forgot cheated the eyebrow :o. I just let the compositor give the color to it and the mesh only acts as blocker, whatever i do it works for now :(.

Sorry! I could not upload the pic.