Another Stargate, last updated on 5-8-06.

Well, this is the first thread I’ve made myself, but that doesn’t really matter.

I have joined in the quest for making a highly detailed Stargate in Blender, and I have some modeling done already.

I’m not working on the event horizon first, as I think modeling the Stargate is more important. And no, I am not trying to do it faster than Lord of the Rings Junkie. He was actually the one who inspired me to do it high-poly instead of just being another quick model. It’s my first high-poly model, and I want it to be a good one. Comments, suggestions, and critiqe are welcome.

Edit 1: Sorry, can’t get the images working quite right…

Edit 2: Here it is:


No image?..

I have an update on this now. I have improved on the light from the chevrons, using radiosity and physical meshes for lights with Emit tuned on. It took 1-2 hours (I didn’t time it, and I forgot to look at the exact time it took) to render the 7,000 radiosity iterations. Here it is:

looking g00d so far, keep it up. more details, and then you need to make the portal itself.

-XrQLz :stuck_out_tongue:

The event horizon I have as a fluid simulation. I’m waiting for 2.42 for that, because it currently doesn’t have the needed options.

You idea copier you!:stuck_out_tongue: Looks okay, but I’ll upload and link to my blend for the still image version of the event horizon. That way you can look at my stand in gate modeled by David Gian-Cursio for reference. Keep in mind that it is a copywritten model, so you can’t use anything in it for your own. file

(This saves you from having to dl and import the LWO files…)

Hey, at least I’m doing my own modelling, and I’ve actually been trying to do this before I even knew about Elysiun :stuck_out_tongue: (2.37a days, when I first found out about Blender because I was looking for a Doctor Who Dalek toy on Ebay).

Thanks for the reference model. Now I can compare the scale to my schematic (I actually got a better one, except it doesn’t have the symbols on it). I do know the schematic is acurate.

After that, I’ll use it to figure out the details, mainly the placement and shape of the symbols.

Good job dude! You can obviously tell by my name that any thread with the word “star” or “gate” will induce me to click it :slight_smile:

For some reason, I decided to make a pov-ray render of it using the new Blend2Pov test build, so I changed the settings and rendered it.

Let me know which one looks better.

Well, I’ll try to get it as accurate as possible. Any ideas?

Must have the little arches engraved along the outside front, and the pattern between the moving ring and event horizon. Also must have the pattern on the BACK of the gate, and the seemingly random wide radius arcs going through different parts of the gate. Those and three more things: iris, iris, iris. When I do mine, eventually it will be in a scene so it looks like you’re in the SGC departure room.

It’s beginning to look like the stargate has became the next chess board…

Well… It looks like a good start.

I’m not doing mine as the one in Star Gate Command, and that’s evident from the outside setting. That said, there will be no iris, and I’m going to have a different “Origin symbol,” and no SGC room. I havn’t modelled the part between the gate symbols and the event horizon, and as soon as I do I will make the pattern. As far as random wide radius arcs, I don’t know what you mean.

Look closely at this picture. In addition to the nice orderly geometric details you will notice several wide radius curves along the surface. These are on the gate, you can see them in the title sequence of the movie and the show. pic

You mean the cracks? I was going to do a bump map of those. I don’t think those were actually modeled, and Blender dosn’t have proper displacement mapping.

Dunno if this will help, but I made you some hi-res (3000x3000) references. I turned the symbols blue so you could see them easily to copy, and the back of the gate is also there. This guy is good, but he did make some mistakes. (For instance, the large light above each chevron should only be on the front half of the gate, and I think his gate might be too thin.)

gate front

gate back

[Edit] Got some crits, your chevrons look a little flat, and I think the big lights around the chevrons are too big. What are the material settings on the ring itself? (Materials are not my strong-suit.)

I think the second one looks better and more reel.

I can’t veiw the pictures, it says there’s an internal server error :(. and I know the chevrons are too flat, that’s what I was talking about when I said “At an angle,” meaning the sides are closer to the center than the center of the chevron.

Ok, I’ll continue with Povray (shorter rendertime as well). Did you spell real as reel on purpose, as like it’s closer to the gate on the reel?

Edit: I can veiw them now… Man, those are HUGE pictures!

Here are some really good 3D pics of the Gateroom & the gate. :slight_smile: (I’m a big Stargate fan myself. :stuck_out_tongue: )

Nice pictures, but the color of a lit chevron is off.