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Im new to blender (maya and max user) i wanted to learn how to create environment on blender i started with ANT landscape and i find it not user-friendly at all , once you started creating something and you click anywhere on the viewport for example to rotate or zoom, the Ant menu panel disappear, i tried many solutions like using F9 or the panel on the right side but its not really helpful you eventually lose the real-time update, sometimes it won’t even update the mesh when i play around with the settings after clicking on update, and it crashes very often

Is there a workaround or a better way to generate procedural terrain on blender or should i stick to max maya for this kind of stuff

Thank you

Hi there,

The windows disappearing like that is a thing, you can donnothing about it at that stage, except oress F9 and do not click away.

BUT, the Landscapes addon appears in the right side menu as well (where you have the Item tab, with size, rotation, etc…) Below that, you have some more menus listed, under "Create’ if I’m not mistaken. More addons, like the Building tools, snow ir ivy generator, etc…

Search for Landscape there and you should have some more detaols to tweak, and you should see an Update button to apply :slight_smile:

Hey, thank you for your reply, i have tired the panel on the right side but i hate how its not updating in real time like the other panel which makes experimenting with this tool very time-consuming plus sometimes its does not update even when i click on update so i have to start all over again

ANT landscape has a great potential, too bad they didn’t fix a ‘’ basic’’ bug (disappearing menu)

I think i will pass on this tool and keep searching for a better way to create terrain and landscapes inside blender

Yeah I know, the Sappling tree generator has the same flaw.
What this addon does is basically mixing noise, voronoi and other textures displaced.
You can technically do all that in the shader editor with texture nodes, mixing them manually. More time but surely “bugless” so to say :grin:

I have found World Machine to be quite powerful. It’s a separate program but you can save the mesh as an obj and then import it into Blender.

There is another version of the ANT addon that is a lot better, and allows you to change the settings in the right hand panel:


Oh that’s awesome, i will definitely try that out thanks a lot, i have tried world machine its impressive but that will be my last option as im trying to learn blender for now

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Update: i have tried TXA landscape the fixed version of ANT, same thing menu disappeared.i think i will go with world creator or Gaea

Yeah, theres no way to stop the menu dissapearing, as that is a built in part of blender that displays the options for the last operator used.

But, for the TXA addon, you can still edit its settings in the panel on the right of the 3D view (by pressing N on the keyboard), in the “TXA Landscapes” tab.

You can see this here:

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