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Wow Anthony that’s pretty cool. Wouldn’t they have problems with rain or snow with the porch roof being that flat?

Rain is a serious issue in south Louisiana but it does not take much of a drop to get it to run off.
The current porch roof has a problem because the rain sheeting down from the chimney side pools up when it hits the channels in the tin.
The new design is the same 5 inch drop but has the channels running at a 45 to both roof peaks to prevent the water pooling.

Oh good. I was worried bout that and the potential to ruin the new roof.

I’m sure your Grandma will love it.

I am sure she will… my uncles on the other hand. :evilgrin:

Thanks goes to @Kaluura for helping direct the final result.
Rendered with Blender Internal.

Cool renders, nice work!

I just have one small tip for the first one. There’s a lot of depth-of-field, that amount of DOF would only occur if you took a picture of something small, really close, so the house looks like a miniature. If you look at your reference, there’s almost no visible DOF in the corners, and just a little blurry in the trees behind the house. A bit hard to see because of the light though, but hopefully you see what I mean.

Thanks Nimtrix, I’ll try taking some of the blur out of the background and see how it goes.

Updated with a bit of color/contrast work and a reduction of fore/background blur.

Nice! Miniature feeling is gone, DOF looking good as far as I can tell.

For the last few years I have been doing renders for my oldest on his birthday.
In years past it has always been in Max, this is the first year I have used Blender for it.
Based this piece of the Blender Guru tutorial for metallic text.

Since I have not posted here in a while and I don’t plan on using this in the final so this is a good place for the clay to live.

Sort of a cross post to the final render on my SH WiP.

That’s a great tree, would look really cool in some barren desert scene right around sunset :smiley: As always, fantastic stuff Anthony! :slight_smile:

Oooo, good idea … I may have just the thing.

I’ll have to shoot it from the other side so it loses the Sleepy Hollow look. Stay tuned…

Damn, was supposed to be at dusk… oops.


Used a few of VickyM’s setup options from her Blender Abstract tutorial.
It was fun, I may play with some more abstract stuff in the future.

Thanks for checking out the tuto! :smiley: Loving the tree renders too, very nice! :smiley:

Not sure how I haven’t found my way here up until now. I know you have made Vicky proud with your recent abstract. But I’m really impressed on the Viz you did for your grandmothers front of her house… well done.

Thanks Vicky, it was a fun little distraction for the evening, the trees were fun too. :yes: :wink:

Not much to really see here Harley but I am happy you found something you dig on.

I really need to try and just doodle more instead of always working on such big projects…