Any blender users in the UK Join our map!?

As the title says…just curious if anyone is local…

EDIT, seems to have maxed out here, so am widening the “shout out” to the UK in general…

ben has done a map of where we are located to try and get “something” to happen… (what depends on interest levels…, though given the spread of locations a standard “USER GROUP” seems un-likely…

Cheltenham based :slight_smile: Not THAT local but in the happy wide world of 3D we’re practically neighbours!


hours drive, Bude direction :slight_smile:

Praxedes, that’s about 2 hours on the M5?

PuG, not too far!

I’m about half an hour out myself!

Yeah-2 hours sounds right. I lived in Plymouth until about 3 years ago though- I ran their Games Workshop for a while before switching careers :wink: I have friends in Exeter (and my wife regularly goes to Bude for her work). So plenty of area connection :smiley:

happy wide world of 3D we’re practically neighbours!
Spot on.

Perhaps we should organize a drink sometime.

Yes! I just found a guy called Glenn who lives in Cheltenham as well- mainly working using Cinema 4D but still a fellow 3D guy.

Has a UK Blender meetup ever happened?


There was a London user group… I think they had maybe 2 meetings…

I live 44 miles west of London, kinda close-ish :stuck_out_tongue:


around 3 hours drive…

Unless it’s summer when everyone and their dog is driving to Newquay…

then it’s around a 5 hour drive!

Never that keen on the A303 unless its at odd time - last time coming back from Oxford their was a horrendous amount of road works and their seems even more cameras! (but worth going past Salisbury on a good day) m4, m5, apart from Bristol at times normally an easy run?

around stone henge is the worst!.. I was commuting to Guildford most of last year so A303 was my best bet… m4–>m5 is probably consistent, but probably 3/4 of an hour longer than A303 unless “in season”

everyone seems a little too far for a meet up though?

I’m in Newcastle, that’s way too far though :stuck_out_tongue:

A little far, yes! usergroup un-viable!

maybe an annual UK blenderfest! might “just” be do-able

Salisbury. Not too far.

Blenderfest would be awesome!


Ben,I didn’t know you were from the UK

Praxedes, if you build it they will come!

I’d come, so that’s one more. :slight_smile:

  • Based in North Lonodon

I set up a google map showing people who have replied so far’s locations. Feel free to add yourselves/correct the map.