Any cubers out there?

Hey I just wanted to know if there are any cubers out there, 3by3 rubik’s cube. Or maybe just some kind of 3by3 cube.

My lowest time so far is 1 min 14 seconds. Yes, I’m very slow :slight_smile:

What’s your lowest time (on a 3by3 and any other)and what kind of cube do you use mostly? (4by4, 5by5, 7by7)?

Just wondering…


1min14s to do the entire cube? :eek: I’ve never even finished mine…it’s been a long time since I even tried last, lol

…or do you mean something different? :confused:

lol yeah, 1 min and 14 seconds is the shortest time it took me to finish the cube, I usually get 1 min 20 seconds though :stuck_out_tongue: Once you know the algorithms it’s not how hard the cube is to solve, it’s how long does it take you to do the moves. :wink:

Most people on youtube get 40 - 50 seconds so mine’s pretty slow compared to theirs XD

woah…I knew some people were fast with Rubiks, but… :smiley: cool!

Hmm I’m thinking about making a topic on how fast someone has taken a shower…you think I should do it? OR is it a waste of time and space?:no:

It took me about 45 seconds this morning. Cold showers sucks.

You see, I was doing some plumbing yesterday and forgot to turn my boiler back on.:confused:

Wow, chill out. You’re maybe the only one who can take any subject and start a flame war about it :stuck_out_tongue:

you must be interested in this topic why else would you take the time to read what the topic was about and actually post something. If it was truly a waste of your time and space you wouldn’t have posted a thing you would have just moved on to the next topic.

[edit] two minutes later and a giant face palm I realize I just feed the resident troll.[/edit]

I’m in about the exact same timing as you, I got lucky once and got an easy one where the last few corners lined up automatically which cut my time for that one down to about 50s, but other than that one, I’m in the same timing as you.

The only way to really get faster on Rubik’s cube is to start on the same color every time and start recognizing patterns and knowing faster ways to solve those patterns, shortcuts, that’s how speed cubers do it. They just memorize all the different patterns off of one side, along with being able to move their hands a lot faster than I can.

I have a 5x5, but I’ve yet to even solve it, or even fully learn how. (So complicated)

You’re the ultimate essence of a troll. Now please exit the internet and stop paying the bill. It’d be quite a kind gesture to us all. As well as, like tyrant said, stop wasting time and space.

i have never been able to solve it
do you guys have any web resources or anything on how to solve it

I know a method that involves popping out one of the corner pieces…

…but wouldn’t that be cheating? :stuck_out_tongue:

I wonder where my old Rubik actually is…I had repainted it once (I think this was over 6 years ago) with acrylic paint, the coloured stickers were coming off…

hm so ain’t the only one than:o

I played with rubic cubes when I was 4. It was at my grandmas house…3 min I moved the pieces around. I realized that it’s very random and you couldn’t solve it fast without a guide from the internet. Internet wasn’t so popular as it is today so I didn’t bother.

It’s basically a toy you use for kids to keep them occupied and be quiet when you drive your car to the zoo. Who would bother trying to solve it…and even worse trying to beat your own record? Beating is doesn’t make you smarter than anyone else. So why bother?

(Ok let’s get a discussion going.):wink:

@vali so at 4 you already knew how to read and write wow you must be like scary smart I presume you are talking about the internet before broadband when video on the net was a nothing but pipe dream. Unless you are currently a 10 year old kid or something

There’s a program out there that allows you to make your own virtual rubiks cube, here’s some YouTube videos

The 20x20x20 cube

The 100x100x100 cube

5D cube

A not so cubic rubik’s thing (not digital, but a real physical object)

No, I didn’t know how to read and write. But I could think…and even at that age I realized that wasting your time on a toy like that was a waste of time. Instead I went out and climbed a tree like the primate I was (am).

It was much more fun and it has resulted in a lot of things. I’m not:

-Got glasses
-Really thin

I imagine the people that sat all day in front of those cubes are the ones that today are any of the things above. I might be wrong…

Anyway, why would you bother trying to solve a cube like that?

I know a method that involves popping out one of the corner pieces…

meh…done that.:wink: it looks good with one-color-per-face, so is sitting nicely in some corner. i’d love to try sometime though.

Beating is doesn’t make you smarter than anyone else.

It does.
anyways, from your comments you don’t seem to very bright.
accept and get used to it rather than trying get in the way of people who are.

I can complete both a 3x3 and a 4x4. Although I have yet to try to speed cube the 4x4, my best time for the 3x3 is around 1 minute. I don’t really practice much nowadays but its a nice distraction from my university work.