Any Free/Open-source IFC/BIM modelers like "CYPE Architecture"?

Hi everyone!

A while back I came across this awesome piece of software:

Very very useful, there are even documentation and steel/construction counterparts to this!!..only problem, you need an internet connection to use this which makes it quite useless in my opinion.

So my question is…Any alternatives to this out there?
I only know of blender BIM which is pretty nice and constantly in development:

But I prefer a dedicated IFC modeler/documentation app (Revit/ArchiCAD/Vectorworks alternatives).

I know of freeCAD. But for Architectural modeling, the workflow is quite odd. I consider that more of a good SolidWoks/Inventor alternative.

Any suggestions?

Posting a link to CYPE, since OP didn’t…

It’s FREE. So? & no SW needs Web connection 24/7, most likely just to check/track once in a while…

Did install it, excluding/unchecking connection to servers & w/o loging on. Seems to work just fine…

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Whuut! come again…U can actual;y work with this off line!?

could you please share a print screen where I can find this “Exclude/Unchecking connection to servers” option? Or is this a option during installation.

And also can you check if it’s still possible to save/export a model to IFC or some other usable format?
If that’s possible then this tool is simply perfect for my needs.

Yes, it’s an option during installation.

Impossible. Only their proprietary .str can be saved offline, everything else has to be done via their BIM center/server…

so I guess it’s just another “thievery corporation” :unamused:

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Yeah, it’s a big bummer.
Their old version “IFC Builder” had the IFC export functionality built-in. But I wasn’t aware of it back then.
It’s stupid frustrating to have a good app to then find out it only works online. I mean what’s up with that! Even Unreal engine works off-line (At least for a while)…and that’s a pretty piece of software right there.