Any other bigger contest like Blender F1?

Hi, all.

I liked Blender F1 Challenge a lot. I was making my entry about 3 months. And during this time period I learned a lot of new things and improved my “blendering” techniques.


Will there be any other bigger challenge in near future? I mean something bigger than standard Weekend and Week day challenges, where is a possibility to win a prize :)?

(Anyway, what happened with Photoreallistic human modeling contest, that was discussed some time ago?)

I am in talks with someone about a contest. More details will come in the next few weeks, once we can get some sponsors lined up.

Keep your eyes open!


Hopefully that is the ‘realistic’ human contest that was discussed. Or if there is another one, looking forward to details.

or the Blender World Cup! (yay!)

Thats great news, BgDM. I am looking forward to it ;).

Cool stuff. If you look around, you don’t have to just do a Blender contest. If you are up for it, there are things like the Dominance Wars contests and most of the forums, even the little ones, do contests occasionally. They are good for getting your skills up for when the next big Blender one comes around.

BgDM - sounds cool. can’t wait to hear about it!

Like BgDM said, there’s a really cool, big contest coming up. We’ll let you all know more soon!

Tea_Monster: Yes. It seems, that I should leave my native “ village” sometimes and look in the world ;).

mr_bomb: Guys, you are teasing me :). It looks like something BIG is coming soon ;). I will not ask details and let myself surprise.

We used to have “On The Haunt”, an Halloween based contest, back in the days, that was fun too.


Sweet freakin’ contest! I think I might have a go at this one!

That Peugeot contest looks really serious. I think it is still possible to make something good until July 20. Thanks for let us know, Jogai.

Anyway, Halloween contest sounds like fun too :). But I fear that it is too soon for it :p.

Hmm… Are we allowed to start contests on The forums? Can u(the admins) make a new forum called the "User Made Challenges(or something like that :smiley: ) PLZ!

Oh, I miss those terribly. I can still remember some of the entries (and a winning one by malefico).

Well the BWC starts very very soon, so that is a big one.

I hope it doesn’t conflict with the other big ones

very very soon as in…??? 10 days?

Maybe :wink: Jeepster.

Just polishing it all as we speak.

AFAIK, anyone can have a go here. (Its nice for the entrants to have some motivation, tho… not always possible for the average forum blenderhead to offer. Seems folks here don’t always go crazy for the ol’ pat-on-the-back “you won the <best cube> contest dude!” prize.)

I always thot it would be really cool for someone representing the BF or to set up a contest to create the best new “Top Ten” intro animation for David Letterman. The ones he currently uses suck rocks - but he keeps on runnin’ em. Then the prize would be braggin’ rights for having your clip played on national latenight TV. That’d be cool (and look good in the demo reel, too!)

Whilst the Blender specific ones have a nice community feel to them, I entered an ‘all software’ one at once.
It’s mainly for sculpting gear for which Blender is now well equipped, just keep in mind you are competing with Mudbox and Zbrush users if you are serious about winning anything. Not that Blender isn’t up for the fight, but the others do have many specific functions just for that sort of thing.

Thanks, BenDansie. It is good to know, that there are these kind of challenges too.