anyone into trading card games?

just curious.

i was never into them really, i played magic a bit when i was young. but was thinking of creating one.

just curious if anyone out there was wanting to help test/create things about it.

if i get into it i will be funding all the artwork, the printing and capital costs, but before anything is finalised, stuff would need to go into game logic. (i have the premiss, the main groups, the sub groups and the overall item/creature structure already)

just checking if there are any fanatics out there. as you guys are the ones who would pick holes in anything created.


Can’t say I’ve been into card trading games, but I do remember being in the school playground (as a school kid, not like as in last week!) doing a “one for one” of the other kid’s sweets. Sure as fate there was always some kid who swapped one of his good sweets for one of someone elses yucky ones, e.g. swapping a nice sherbert ufo for a single cherry lip.

What’s this got to do with card trading though?



my best friend is really into magic and I tryed to learn a bit.
so maybe i could help you.

I play Magic every now and then.

I could help out on a few things.

before you move on with another idea i would like to see the blenderville idea created.

a lot of it was already being developed, you could even combine both ideas. ive seen a lot of sites that are like forums/chat in 3d. where you walk into a room and you are a little 3d guy and you can go and talk and pick fights with others in the room.

i would help out with that for sure. a 3d world/chat/forum would rock. and you know their are enought people here that would love to develope little rooms/characters.

the coding or html or whatever would be a nightmare but if elysiun could pull it off that would be awsome!

blenderville is not being scrapped for this :stuck_out_tongue:

this is a truly long term idea i have. i don’t expect it to be done any time soon, i am thinking in the years.

Blenderville i am hoping to have going by the end of summer.

although we are really in need of a website coder for blenderville, since samadam dropped out. we have a partcially coded website.

the card game is in the notebook stages and will be for the next long time.

also i have another crazy idea to import paper and sell it over the summer to earn some cash. :wink:


hmmm… Does Yu-Gi-Oh count? I play with my son all the time and it’s actually a fairly stratigic and very thought provoking game to play. I also have it for my Xbox and it is even harder to play, cause the computer AI is a bit ahead of my son right now. :wink:

Never played any other card games though.


I used to play yu-gi-oh alot with my sister, but then it got rather silly when I could just beat anybody since I had such powerful monsters, so I went to magic, which imho is a much more strategic game. Don’t get me wrong, I liked yu-gi-oh, but magic is just better for me.

I used to play magic the gathering at middle school. I loved it, especially the illustrations; they were so much better than the cartoons of pokemon and yu-gi-oh. I even scanned a few to use as desktop backgrounds.

I play Magic from time to time.
I have a bunch of really old school cards and I’m pretty proficient with rules and strategy. PM me if you want help.

I was a Magic junkie.

ok question. what made you choose magic over other games?


Probably the name. :stuck_out_tongue:

Or moreso the fact that it’s not gay like Pokemon.

hey don’t offend gay people by saying they have anything to do with pokemon :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry to be taking this off-topic, but c’mon! Pikachu can’t possibly be straight!! Just look at him. He’s cute, cuddly, has a high pitched voice, and is in touch with his fealings. :stuck_out_tongue:

Try to guess… what was that you said… magic? How did you guess???

pardon my opinion. . . .but I think card games in and of themselves are stupid.

Why waste so much time with them? (well, at least the people at my school do. All they think about is little cardboard rectangles with flashy pictures. %| )

School is so much more interesting and challenging

for me “Money” i want to make a heck load of money.


i tell you what, for some reason little trading cards can have a huge impact on you at an early age, for some strange reason.

when i was a kid garabage pail kids were the craze at the time. i loved these vulgar little peices of art. and some how kids related to them and connected with them very strongly. to this day i try and collect them, ebay is filled with people like me buying and selling.

so the goal for you if you are trying to develop somthing like this is to have somthing that all other card games do not.

on a side note is the site of the creator of garbage pail kids i have had a few email conversations with him. he even let me buy a few of his used paint brushes that i worship, haha.

no get rich schemes will work, you have to be passionate about what you do. ask yourself could you develope on these things making little to no money on a few hours a week for two to three years. the answer to this question is most likely the answer to if you will succed with this idea or not.

find somthing you love to do and try to get rich doing that.

I play Magic the Gathering quite a bit. My buddies and I get together a couple times a month to play multiplayer, and play one on one online sometimes. If you need info about Magic strategy or rules, you can PM me.