Are there good topology checking addons?

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or is there a way to check tri, ngon and most importantly poles (the vertex with more than 5 connections) in native Blender?

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Hi, check out 3d Print, and Meshlint add-ons. There may be others too.

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Yes, by doing a selection

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I vaguely remember such thing a while ago could you elaborate a bit more? cheers!

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Mesh Heal too can fix your meshes

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thanks but from the look of it it doesn’t check poles which is the most I want, I could easily avoid and fix those errors myself but I do need to check if my character model is clean of poles, someone mentioned it can be done through doing a selection, I haven’t figured that out yet.

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A pole is a vertex with anything other than 4 edges connected to it. Select one vertex with 4 edges connected to it, shift+G -> amount of connected edges, and invert ctrl+i. That selects all poles, and info editor header tells how many there are.

The options for select similar on the operator panel also allows to set it to select more or less, if that matters. It can, as poles with 3 and 5 are acceptable as long they’re in right places, but more than 5 you might want to get rid of.

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that’s it, thank you!