Array tools, all in one for translation, scale and rotation array

Thanks, but I’m a girl. :wink:


You rock woman! :slight_smile:

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:laughing: thanks!

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Yo! I have been so eager to get a chance to play with this, but sadly have not yet, and honestly have little time read everything above… Do we have the ability with this addon to scale stuff (faces, selection of verts) in edit mode and make them an exact size?.. like if I have some faces selected and want them 73.25" (imperial) wide on X axis, could I do this with this addon?

Short answer is no, you can’t enter edit mode, the addon is only for object mode. You can get an approximation of the dimensions with little math. Since the scale is a percentage of the original object, with your example, let’s say it’s 56" wide and want 73.25". You can wrote directly for scale on X axis : 100*73.25/56 and get 130.804 % and have a pretty good approximation.

Thanks. No probs. I just remembered I have Mesh > Transform > Set Dimensions… duh.

It’s magic ! many thanks mademoiselle

ok, glad you find a way.

So finally a simple way for array empty elements, therefore instances.
Thank you.

Woa, did not think of that! That’s actually amazing!

The addon will be add to Blender 2.81. So, here a link to github. I also add the link in the description.


I had a chance to use this the other day and really enjoyed it. Thanks for your hard work!

Do you think there’s any chance you could extend the functionality to also work on another axis of array? By that I mean, imagine if you were trying to fill a stadium of people. Right now this add-on could do an entire row, or it could do one person in each row going down, but not both (at least I couldn’t find a way to).

If not that’s ok, it just felt like a possiblity. :blush:

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I don’t know many stadium with round structure :wink:, it’s more elliptical. And I’m working to add ellipses. Your demand isn’t a simple task, I’ll see what I can do.

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Thanks for this nice addon

Sorry, I failed at describing what I meant.

Right now if I wanted to make this shape I have to do it in two steps of your addon - once to go sideways, and then again to go down. What I was suggesting (and you can always say no, it’s ok!) was whether it was within the scope of what you want to do with the addon that you could make it possible to go in multiple directions like this all at once. So I could set values to make the array go along the X axis a certain number of times but then to also go down Z (or Y, whatever) a different number of times.

It’s ok, I will take a look. It’s been a while since I think about it too.

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Thank for making a productive array tool for blender since after working for many years with max array i found the one in blender poorly implemented for productivity.


I agree that why I made this one and share it.


Just try it this morning and it is not working correctly and it crash blender twice + it deactivate itself after crashing.

After starting an array it often become irresponsive and changing offset or any other parameters do nothing then i click cancel and it crash blender.

Any tips on this?

I will investigate, it never happens before. Can you give me more informations :

  • addon version
  • Blender version
  • any console report ?