Array tools, all in one for translation, scale and rotation array

That’s nice and somehow relaxing.
For the potential, I think I had an idea, you don’t need to convince me. :wink:

As long as you have fun with it, that’s the most important to me.

Thanks !!!

This is addicting! =O
One last example…animated in Carrara, but will use only
Blender next. :wink:
(I don’t know why there is no preview, but it does play in YouTube)

Does this work on 2.91 since i don’t see any panel in the properties(N) panel?

Great add-on, thanks.

Yep, it’s works on 2.91, just check for tab.

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No problem i just had to restart blender now it’s working and what a fantastic addon you did here, thank a lot for your hard work!

Small problem…in 2.83, when I try to start over with a new object, e.g. cube, the addon doesn’t reset, even if I create a new scene, add a cube, select the cube, click on the Array Tools tab, it appears to have the same inputs as before.
How do I clear it to Start a new array?

Later… no problem in 2.91…will use it instead…should anyway. :wink: :+1:
Have a safe &
HAPPY NEW YEAR! :smiley:

This is a great addon, thanks Elreenys!
Regarding the “update modifiers” button : I assume this action is for applying the modifiers from the source object to the duplicates created by the array.
I’m not sure if I am doing something wrong but when I click on “update modifiers” I get an error:

AttributeError: 'ArrayTools_props' object has no attribute 'add_del_modifiers'
location: <unknown location>:-1

I am using 2.91

I like the 'What can you do with this addon" images, the text is too small to read - larger images or images with larger text would be appreciated.

the error is fixed, you can download and install the new version (don’t forget to remove your current version first).

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I encourage you to see the same image in the wiki of the github.

Awesome, works now!

Thanks for the add on. I was playing with it; is it true that when save the blend file; the array process will not work when open it up again? Let say I am not done with it and try to do more work later on. (Using Blender 2.92 today built)

Is there a way to save a preset for repetitive task?

THANK YOU! That’s sooooo much better.

I’m kind of stumbling upon how Array Tools works vs the Array Modifier.

What I’m used to is moving the original object away from world origin (center of XYZ) moving the object origin to world origin then adding an empty and creating an array around the empty at world origin.

From there it’s simple then, just to adjust the empty. Although in that process I’m finding things can get really messed up real quick if not at some point resetting the Location and Rotation Transforms.

All this is a lot to keep in mind in the process. Perhaps rethinking creating an array from Array Tools compared to the Array modifier.

All the more reason that tutorials that show process not just settings, I think, will be useful in this.


Just posted this silent “tutorial” showing a basic array of cubes
(based somewhat on one of the example images), and how different
settings affect the array (Blender 2.91)

I still haven’t used the random options, and will try other objects…
spheres, polyhedrons, tori, free-form objs, etc.
Would like to see others’ settings/creations, too. :wink:
Thanks, Elreenys for creating & continuing to update this awesome addon! :smiley: :+1:


Took a couple of tries, but, I got it! Same settings top to bottom.

Starting from a single cube at the center.

Just for fun, I mirrored the finished design along the X axis and got a weird looking wireframe watermelon.

Way cool! :grinning: :+1:
Can you post a screenshot of your settings & the array?
Also, I simply created a copy of the array & gave it the opposite spin in an animation (rendering now…will post later when done).
It’s like learning to drive a car with a stick shift & clutch…takes time, but will become automatic after a while.
Arrays are extremely cool…everything is connected, even if it looks chaotic…like galaxies.
Endless possibilities…limited only by our imagination. :wink: