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Been a while since I updated this thing… I’ll try and start posting in this again, but life of course has gotten busier. As I’ve been doing some work for other people occasionally now too. But I have some exciting projects of my own in the works using blender. So that gives me incentive to keep posting here more! :grin:

Here’s some previous posts of mine from here on the forum of some of my other work that people may miss from just viewing my sketchbook.

How did you make the materials in your London render?

Thanks for asking! You made me go back to the old files and reminded me just how much fun this project was! And I don’t know why I hadn’t shared more of this project earlier! I’ll do a quick overview of the project itself since I never did before.

This was actually done in Blender Internal, which I still love and use as a render engine. The materials really aren’t that complex. The bricks and roof shingles are textures with normal maps overlayed with vertex colors, I was still using the node editor but nothing complex there really. The windows are dark with full specular and .2 mirror. The trees and clouds are just 2d planes that I painted in Krita. I have a pretty strong mist size to create the sense of depth that you see here. And the buildings/lamps use a curve modifier which creates the cartoony landscape effect. Though, not all buildings, like the clock tower, and distant buildings.

And here’s a few old WIP renders I never posted.

And here’s a lovely sunset render.


Eevee Environment.

I’ve slowly been building the visuals and story for this short film project I’m working on. I’m very excited about it! Hope to share more soon!

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So I’ve recently started using Ebsynth. A software that takes video footage and applies the visuals of a keyframe that you painted. When I first heard of this software I was very intrigued about the potential of it, and it’s use for animation. But not for painting real life video footage. For applying unique painterly visuals to 3d animation. So I gave it go!

Raw Animation

Stylized with keyframe visual.

Keyframe itself.

At first glance it’s… Pretty cool! But the image warps quite a bit in ways that aren’t quite pleasing. And the line art on the character is messed up at a few points. I was also disappointed by one aspect of Ebsynth which is the fact that even if you have several keyframes, Ebsynth will only apply one keyframe visual to your video frames. So if you have a keyframe for frame 20, and a keyframe for frame 30. Ebsynth when rendering images 21-29 can only take information from one of your keyframes. The lack of interpolation between your painted keyframes I feel is a big flaw if your wanting to make really solid looking animation with this. Unless Ebsynth can, and I just messed up! :laughing:

With that said, I do think this is very powerful for quickly stylizing animation and giving it detail that would be impossible, or very, very hard in 3d. And, if you wanted to, you could go in by hand and clean up the animation in krita/photoshop/gimp ect.

I look forward to using this software more and hope to see it improve. And maybe I’ll even use it for an animated short film or something. :slightly_smiling_face:

Latest character models for a film project…

First lip sync test, not bad, but still pretty unnatural looking, but I’ll improve!
Runs at 12 fps.

Older project renders, it’s of an alien, I like aliens. :alien:

This was supposed to be a short film project, but I gave up on it.

(Rendered in Eevee)

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Just posting some of my latest posts here on the forum. :slightly_smiling_face:

That is really good!

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Thanks! Though, that is an older work of mine. If I was working on it today I would of textured it and aimed for a bit more realism. :grin:

Today would be Stan Lee’s 97th birthday. I loved him as a kid, and he helped create some of the most imaginative characters that exist today. He influenced me quite a bit as a child. Truly a legend. :slightly_smiling_face:

I did this caricature of Stan last year as tribute to him.

A couple months back I experimented with using a stylized character in a realistic environment (real footage and photography!). I’ve done some animations as well to attempt the possibility of turning this idea into a short film. To be seen!

Overall, I really like the character design, he’s supposed to be an elf, but he also has cute little antennas on his head which make him a little bug like.

I have way more renders and a couple test animations too. But just thought I’d share some of the earlier renders.


Looks neat! :+1: It reminds me of The Amazing World of Gumball.

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Thanks! Glad you like it. If I come up with a good story, a short film should come out of it. I’ve seen some stuff from gumball, the art style is appealing to me. Though, can’t say I was inspired by that in particular.

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Been working on a character model recently. A robot girl named Luna. Been working on this model and rig for a few weeks now, these images are test renders during that time. Shes completely shadeless in design, though I added a cell shader later for just a bit of extra depth. That little bit of light on her in all the renders is just post processing.

I attempted Black outlines using the solidify modifier but I didn’t personally like it.

Pretty pleased with how she’s come out. I wanted to go for an NPR Anime look. And it came out pretty well.

I also have another character I’ve been working on from the same universe as this character, named Otto.

I’ll create more polished renders of these characters soon.


I wanted to post some really old character renders from about a year and a half or so ago. This was during my time of really trying to learn how to make npr styled characters.
It was a story idea about an elf girl and a rabbit. The girl is named Joan, and the rabbit Roy.

In some renders, the mouth and the nose of the characters are geometry, while in the earliest renders they are drawn on in post through krita.

Unprocessed shots without mouths.

Honestly, I’m not very impressed by these renders anymore. I thought they were “Ground breaking” NPR renders at that time. But not so much now. I have a few more renders to post of these characters later.


Oh right, I was supposed to post more old renders here weren’t I? :sweat_smile: Once again, these are renders from about one-two years ago now.

A more recent take on Joan. Originally when I first came up with her she was completely pale white, but a while back I decided I didn’t like that look anymore, so now she has a bit more tone to the skin.

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