Artist wanted for Youtube channel and fund to encourage open source art

I’m looking for a artist to make videos(like modeling timelaps or how tos) and work on open source art.

Now details for those that are still interested.

While thinking about commissioning open source art for my game I came up with the idea for a Youtube channel that posts videos of artist creating open source art.

Open source art means work that the source is released publicly under the CC0, CC By, CC By-Sa, or any AGPL compatible licence.

The “source” for a work means the preferred form of the work for making modifications to it.

The rules would be you must release the source to the thing your working on, at at least the stage in was at the end of the video(your allowed to continue to work on it is your embarrassed of the state it’s in and save that footage for a future video) when you publish the video.

You must provide an hour of video and you must do hour of work on an approved project per $20USD that you get.

I’ll pay up to $50 in advance to unknown artists and up to $500 once you’re proven you won’t just take the money and run. Your balance will be paid off when you release the artwork that you spend your hours on.

The schedule for releasing video is one a week or 1 hour of video a month

Since I have limited funds at start there are additional requirements.

First the good news, I’m willing to pay $250 upfront to anyone that has a portfolio that shows that they can do the job.

Now the bad new. you must commit to

Making a universal base mesh for Furries(anthropomorphic animals). The base mesh should be low poly and designed to by subdivided with catmull-clark

For starters is a tiger and a equine dragon morph. Other morphs that you need to consider the base mesh for is Beavers, birds, deer, kangaroos, rabbits, wolves and humans/elves and it should be able support all the body shapes you can create with the Second Life Avatar plus the ability to morph into full quadruped.
Once you’re complated the basemesh and the tiger and dragon morphs you’ll get a bonus of $900 minus the amount you’re already earned working on it.

The first tiger should follow the body style of Fox from the TV show Franklin and I want the head to look like this

The dragon should look like this.

I’ll also want a beaver is the style of Franklin.

The forth morph you’ll be committed to is a kangaroo.

After those 4 morphs are done you can quit.

Who ever will take up the project can work on any morphs they want and/or updating the old morphs to a new base mesh if it’s determined that one is need to support new morphs(You don’t need approval to make a morph that uses a new base mesh but if you don’t get it approved to become the standard you could be kicked from the project) and lowpoly(referring to the base mesh for Subsurfs) props and set dressing objects

Projects will be approved by the project leader or by at least a 2/3rds vote by the Patreon supporters(once their is at least 3)

Besides the initial $1000 I have a budget of at lest $240 a year and it will go on until we can’t think of any new morphs to add or someone dies.

Thanks for your time.

I feel I must explain the religious-political bases of my project sense people seem to get their knicker in a bunch about those type of things.

If a sex ed game aimed to teach about rape and supported by a militant Pastatarian group doesn’t turn you away then keep reading.

Please have any shots of your unsubdivided base meshes, preferably with final renders too. I’ve gotten more responses than I anticipated and look like who a decide will be determined on how well you use subsurfs to get the required details with the fewest control polygons. Images of your animal/Furry models will also play I role in my deciding if you’ll be chosen.

As far as anatomical accuracy The females will need nipples and a camel toe so we can use them in Japan. I’m not sure on the male genitalia. I’m thinks a crotch bulge for the aroused and just featureless smooth crotch for aroused. once they are done you can do realistic genitalia if you want to markets outside Japan

Oh the tiger will be male and the dragon female I’d prefer the beaver and kangaroo to be female too but an flexible on that.

Like I said you can come up with your own projects to do once the initial 4 morphs are done. beside the ones mention in the BA post I want to make a nude human shape space

The featured artist will be chosen first by the currently working artist then the artist that has put in the most hours then by any recommendations by former artists.

Like I said I only have $1000 initially plus an additional $20 a month to spend of this right now but that $20 is guarantied for the foreseeable future. and I might be able to get some more, so there is a limit on how much you can make how fast. I’m willing to advance to at least $50 and if you give a an amount and deadline for a specific project your going to work ok and you’ve done a good job meeting your previous deadlines I’ll advance you as much of $500

Projects need to be approved by ether me or my patreon funders.

The to earn the $900 bonus you have make the mesh and rigging and weight painting and texturing of the two tiger and Dragoness. if you can’t guarantee to do the two morphs by the time you’ve earned $900 I will go with someone that can.

My main goal is to get an artist that can complete the basemesh and the tiger and Dragoness morphs for $900. Just you let you know of your competition, I’ve had an artist offer to work for $12/hour I haven’t seen his portfolio yet be provided he does a decent job he’s currently ahead of you if you can’t guaranty getting the tiger and Dragoness done before you’ve earned $900

Since I’m not that good at Graphics programming and I haven’t gotten anyone else interested in help me and I’m worried about my continued health. I’m going for a more general easy to edit blender asset library than a game asset library. After all Moore’s law means that no mater how detailed you make it in 10 years a phone will be able to render it in real time.

What I thinking about the videos you’ll be making is just a screen capture while you work and a narration of what you’re doing, like this video thou just your screencapture and a nice music track would do if you don’t feel up to narrating.

I’m not sure of how to prove that you work your hour on a project. I’m thinking private YouTube of a timelaps of you working.

For those of you interested in the project you’re art will be used in:

The overall project is The Order of Her Noodly Appendage:

The upstander actively confronts the choice of whether to defy immorality or keep quiet and accept things the way they are. As Hannah Arendt has powerfully said about humanity: “It is always possible to say ‘yes’ or ‘no,’” and upstanders are exactly those who want to make decisions about when to say “no” to evil.
The civil courage that characterizes the upstander is, in the words of the founder and first president of Oxford University’s Templeton College, Uwe Kitzinger, “the courage of the non-conformist.” It is the courage that risks social disapproval, the capacity to resist by thinking critically with one’s own mind, and the will to be an active participant in life, not a passive bystander.
Regardless of their differences in age, gender, literacy, religious affiliation, ethnic identity, or wartime roles, upstanders share the bravery to risk their lives rather than commit or be complicit in a crime. When so many other people choose to comprise their morals in order to survive, the upstander’s actions suggest that we must not allow ourselves to be debased by circumstance: To retain our dignity, we must sometimes refuse to live life at any cost.
TOoHNA seeks to develop a complete and stand alone culture, from basics of language( like the “Four Books and Five Classics” of China) to a social institutions that encourage the development and admiration of upstanders.

The next level down is a P2P virtual world system called Alfredo Metatopia, it’s aiming for Second Life avatars meets Roblox simulation creation running on Peer to Peer system based on Solipsis( an early version made the front page of slashdot.) it’s going to be hubbled together from parts of other open source projects. mainly Psychsim, The Ensemble Engine, IPFS and Godot.

It’s going to have game play like Prom Week and Trust & Betrayal: The Legacy of Siboot.

The idea is to get people to empathize with people who are ‘other’

The third level down is the first world being build for Alfedo Metatopia, a serious game to give young adults a safe place to explore their sexuality and to teach them The Yes Game.

An hour of animation with multiple characters per month? And a grand a year?

Good luck in your quest!

I found an artist #solved
It’s not an hour of animation it’s an hour a video(or one a week the reason for the video is so the project doesn’t appear dead to outsiders not to get clicks to length doesn’t matter that much) the idea is you just record your screen as you do your do your hour of work.

And it’s not multiple chars per month it’s multiple months per char. Once the initial 2 chars are made your free to take as long as you want as long as you put in at least one hour of work on it a month.

“Good, cheap, fast choose any two.” We are looking for an artist willing to do good and cheap and slow.

The alternative is to just save up the money until I reach $200-400 then search for an artist willing to work without base mesh.

I want to help build up a relationship with an artist so they can rely on getting jobs from us and we can rely on them taking the jobs we want done.

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