Hello, everyone.

This thread is where I drop my devlogs, and hope they don’t break :stuck_out_tongue:

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Latest devlog:


Very nice looking project, I see you’ve done some polishing before releasing your devlog :slight_smile:

it looks very good! :smiley:

Superb work! I can’t wait to see more gameplay, I love this kind of video game. It reminds me a little OSMOS :yes:

Wow, this looks very cool.

Nice! I look forward to seeing more. I’m pretty much into space and scifi. Keep it up!

A solar system with 13 planets! (Also new GUI panel on right hand side and bottom left) Logic sits at 22%, optimization needed but still awesome! Tested this on a 16core cpu computer, 2% logic, I might try add a few hundred planets an see how it copes.

Also I’m being asked a lot to add the space textures in like the previous version. They will be added, but take a long time to make. I would like more than 5 variations in this one.

Latest Devlog:

Devlog 08-08-2014

Wow, this is great. I would love to see a few tutorials on how you overcame python scripting bugs.

Sorry for no devlog last week, there will not be one this week either. There isn’t enough visual changes to make an interesting video from. Instead I will make a video explaining the game a bit and why I chose the genre.

Here is a sneak peak at the research screen. Still heaps of work to do, and optimization (don’t look at the profiler it’s embarrassing.) But it works! Gold panels are already researched, silver are available to research and shaded means it is not currently available. Also a few other nifty features, like if you click an unavailable panel it will draw a red line to what you need to research before getting what you clicked. Next to create is the description panel and overview panel for research.

The script for research is finished. Once I have simply added all the extra features and optimized is can have up to 9,999 different research tabs. The full game has only 260 planed (One game takes a long time). This demo for testing has 31.

@Joshua_Reynolds, I’m not to keen on making tutorials on anything, at least not yet. I am working to a deadline which I need to meet if I want to get funded. There is simply no time.

IF you want to name your own solar system in my game (Ascent) Just put it in a comment! Names are restricted to 15 characters.

I am preparing for a demo release and there are 430 solar systems to be named (A fraction of the full version), currently the solar systems are just codes ready to be given some gloriously creative names by you bunch!

Any names I don’t have are going through a random generator (which is kinda boring), so I hope to hear some cool responses!

Here is the devlog. The game is coming along!


Korean names rendered in english. Other languages are a good source of names for game objects and characters.

the project looks great by the way.

Hello, everyone!

@Smocking_mirror, cheers man all your names have been added to the prototype release of the game.

It’s finally here, after heaps of hard work I finally got a website! Annnd to celebrate the occasion I created a small teaser.


Check out the BlenderNation article:

Big news! Ascent is hitting the expos!
If you live in New Zealand and wanna take a trip come and see me! Say hi. I’m a bit nervous.
First event is Digital NatioNZ, 27th - 28th September.

Second event is the Armageddon expo, 24 - 27th (I’m only there for set days/times which are still to be worked out, I’ll update this when i know)

Of course I will take photos and put them up here after each event.
(I will also be at the NZGDC this week if you wanna meet-up, I believe it is sold out already though)
I want to see some blenderers supporting a blender game at the expos!

(Anyone know if any previous blender games have been at expo’s like this?)

This weekend I was exhibiting at the Digital NatioNZ expo. Got interviewed by a few people and this is the first video to go up! Subscribe to this guy he is awesome and supporting a Blender made game.

I saw a few Blender people there and hopefully will see some more at Armageddon next month. (October 24th - 27th).

:open_mouth: what a good chance to show the project. I like game system youve built there

This is amazing!!!:smiley:

I am laying it all on to you guys today!
Assets are nearly complete, once they are I will start implementing then do a devlog.
In two weeks most of the soundtrack is going to be released. (The first 9 tracks). Here is a teaser:

Also, as previously stated i got to exhibit Ascent at the biggest expo’s in New Zealand, and it went VERY WELL. Heaps of good feedback and exposure.
Here are a few pictures:

It was a bit disappointing that due to a few technical issues the new game couldn’t go up on the bigger screen. But this didn’t dampen the success of the weekends.

You will hear from me soon.