Asset Pack scanned fruit & bread

Hello Guys,

I while back I learned about 3D scanning using photo’s. I tried some stuff and use some of my scans in a few projects.
Now I’m making some fruit & bread models. All ready to use in your scene. I believe they can give your scene that little bit extra :slight_smile:

Later I will give it a try with some nature things like rocks, twigs and stuff.
I will try to update the post with the models and I’m planning to release the pack(s) begin of februari. So more info soon!
I would love to hear your comments and tips!


1 more model

And 1 more :slight_smile:

and a apple. Will update more later this week (maybe next week)
Making the renders shows the errors better so i have to adjust them :confused:

Delicious. Looks good.

You should think about baking the displacement map so we can adjust the detail on our own by increasing the subsurf level.

Fantastic! There is so much potential in 3D scanning and you did a great job!

thx guys :slight_smile:
And Yukon: Yeah i’m looking into that. But i get some weird results so probably will come as an update later on. Have to figure that part out :wink:
btw the renders are still without any cc. Just straight out of blender but with the filmic color management.

Nice! can you share the wireframe for some of the bread? after optimization.

Yes of course!

I have to say it’s not optimized yet. I simple use a low detail export from the 3d scan software. Maybe that is the source of the displace issues, but it really is a great boost in my workflow. I’ll try to make some retopol. versions later and try some things with them.

If the source is low poly, you can only bake low poly displacement information,
to get a nice displacement bake, you have I bake it from the high poly object.

I know, the source is the high poly. Will update next week with my findings on the displace.
What I meant to say is that maybe the problem is this low detail export.

Some more bread. Will first finish the bread part with some sweets like donuts and muffins.
The pack will consist of more than 30 models (not counting the low poly)
Later on will make more fruit.
These are all the low poly (all around 5000) models.

Comments are always welcome!

Great work :slight_smile: How do you make them? How it looks you set up for photography this models? How to mount the model to take pictures of each side?

Once I have the assets done I’ll make a post about how I set it up.


After a long day wanted to try out some lighting. The lemon needs some work but quite happy with the rest :slight_smile:
(no post work- this is the render)

a quick overview of what i’ve got so far for the bread asset part.
The render is made with the low detail versions.

I’m hoping to release the bread assets pack around the 8 of feb. for around 40 euro but with a discount for the first two weeks of 25% so 30 euro.
I’ve done some testing with retop and with the displacement. It’s sure is a lot of work :stuck_out_tongue: but the results are good. But because of the labor this will come as an free update for the people who buy it within the first 2 weeks. Later the price goes up a bit. Not sure how much. What do you guys think of the price and the update?
I have to say that the lower detail versions do work really well, sometimes hard to see the difference between the retop.

Hey Guys,
Made a quick render. Let me know what you think!
Also a response on the former post would be great :wink:

Gorgeous! I’d really like to get into this. Excellent job on this :slight_smile: