Asset Wizard Pro

Released Asset Wizard Pro today. This is the evolution of my previous Asset Wizard addon. As Blender has support for Assets starting from Version 3.0, this Addon is primary focused on Export and tries to seemlessly integrate to Blender’s features.

Primary features:

Export Objects, Collections, Material and Nodegroup from your acitve Blend-File directly into your Library, without the need to load the Library! Including Batch Export of Objects.

Auto-Render beautiful Previews on Export (Object, Collections and Materials)

Update Preview Images in your already exiting Libraries with a single Click

Special Handling for Shader and Geometry Nodes, Single-Click to add them from your Library into your current Node Tree

As a bonus and to let you have easy access to exported Node Groups, I’ve added Pie Menus to both Shader Node Editor and Geometry Node Editor. The first one is partially borrowed from my Shader Node Wizard Addon.

I currenly plan to find a symbiosis between both addons regarding the Pie Menus.

You can find more Information, Manual and Shop links on my Website.

Feature Requests are always welcome :slight_smile:

Happy Blending


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