Aston Martin DB9 Le Mans

This is old project:) but uploading on website
I work 5-6 day modeling and texturing,lighting,rendering 3-4day
Commets please:)


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Very nicely done. I like the wear and tear on the paint.

My favorite car, and you made it look very nice. Though might I suggest toning down the specular reflection a tiny bit? The contrast is a bit too high.

Looking good!! The only thing I see that doesn’t look right to me is the gloss of the car’s paint. The car has some scratches and scuffs from being raced which add character to it. Most of the race cars I’ve seen in real life that have been used on the tracks don’t have any gloss to them. I would think the only time a true race car is that glossy is after it leaves the paint booth. Aren’t they washed after every race before going to the shop? I would think they get washed after leaving the shop to remove greasy finger prints from the mechanics. I doubt they ever get waxed to make them shine.

It’s a great job, and better than I can do!!! Well done!!!

wow~~!! how you made this? BI render? I think the specular reflection looks good~
can you share more details on WIP? this looks brilliant!!!

Wow, very nice. is this all blender? what renderer did you use? compositing?

The renders are awesome, but the modelling needs a lot of work.
You need to especially concentrate on getting those sharp lines if you want a good car mesh.

Thankyou all!
You’re right:)
Modeling,rendering in Blender and texturing paint GIMP. Yes it’s made in Blender render engine. Okey today or tomorrow opening WIP:) but what’s intrested exectly?:slight_smile:
No isn’t this blender:)(Blender and GIMP(comp.,and correction)). I have use a Blender render engine:)
Thankyou I follow advice!

That looks really nice, but it’s a real problem to show such renders, they don’t really show the best of your work. Could we have some HD renders ?
One of the only thing I could say about the image, I don’t really like the render of the AO (specially under the car, it’s too dark), the other thing has seen said by revolt_randy.

Nice job anyway. :slight_smile:

The modelling behind the doors but infront of the rear wheels looks a bit odd, but i’m nit picking. This is fabulous stuff!

5 Stars.

I have HD renders but I dont linking image… just uploading website (small size)
I have much image on the car… but you’re right:)

Excellent work! The modeling is top notch, and you put a lot of effort into that texture, which is where cg cars generally fall behind.
Overall, brilliant renders.

Thankyou padfoot7726:)

BEAUTIFUL!!! wires plzzzzzzzzzzz?

(5 stars from me)

Thankyou:) Wire on the WIP:) look at it!

ah, saw the wire, great modeling man!

Amazing texturing and modeling!!!


Added to the gallery.

Awesome work! I love the look… and I’d have to agree the texture work is top notch! I also love the look of the specular it gives it a kind of surreal appearance almost video gamish. I dream about being able to jump into that car! 5 stars from me that’s for sure.

thanks for sharing