This is so freakin’ cool! I’ve always wondered how people do NPR style in Blender, would be amazing if you can point out some tips :smiley:
also, that is one awesome theme! :smiley:

I share the “secret” :smile: - I have used this “formula”/“recipe”/template for every materials
thanks for the praising words !
here you can download the theme -

Thanks a lot man! didn’t expect you’d just give away your secret recipe like that :smile:
just to make sure though, in what license did you release this setup? like if I use or modify the setup and create an art print out of it and sell it commercially, would you mind it?

and also the theme really is cool after trying it myself. honestly, I think that is how “Blender Light” theme supposed to look like haha. Blender should really include more themes though, and yours definitely should be one of them.

I featured you on BlenderNation. Stay safe, and have a great weekend!