Audi A3 2011


I’m new to the website however I’m not new to Blender. I have been playing about with modelling on and off for about 2 years, but now I’ve got my head down and decided to start to model cars.

This is one project of many that I have attempted but I have decided to stick with this one and complete it.

PS. The file upload manager isn’t working and won’t allow me to upload attachments.

Edit: Had to link photos to this page instead.

Here is a relatively big update. The rear wing/quarter panel/fender whatever you want to call it isn’t perfect but the model will need tweaking once I get down to the fine details.

Pretty much been modelling it on and off for the best part of today (the joys of sundays).

good! show more when possible

its looking real good

There is a bump on the rear quarter panel that needs fixing but I think I may have too many vertices in that area.

Looking good.

Evening peeps,

I took some time off from modelling the A5 and decided to remodel the A3 by following a tutorial on YouTube. (the tutorial is for 3ds Max but now that we have Bmesh it is pretty much exactly the same procedure).

Progress so far…


Alright peeps, I have moved away from Blender for now to Hexagon to test out its capabilities and the A3 is what I dragged with me when I went. I will be exporting the car from Hexagon and importing to Blender, so technically I’m still a Blender user! :slight_smile:

I decided to get some practice in with modelling headlights because I wanted to see how far I could model all of the little details. This headlight is not finished yet but it’s quite hard getting reference photos that show the headlights clearly.

Ambient Occlusion FTW! :RocknRoll:


Alright here’s another update of the front of the car, but perhaps I should tone down the AO because it’s hard to see some of the mesh.


Large update on this car, it’s nearly finished outside wise but I’m debating on doing the interior since they are a pain.

It should be finished within a week or two.


Nice job mate! :slight_smile: Yes, do the interior, it adds an extra value to the model and looks awesome afterwards.

As mentioned before this was made by following a tutorial. :RocknRoll:

Extra’s that the author didn’t include I’m going to do myself, e.g. wipers front and back. I have just noticed that the side skirt or the door is curving inwards/outwards for some reason. :confused:

As recommended by miskolciart I have started to create a spline cage for this car. The car model has changed to an Audi S3 Sportback. Expect some more updates in the next few days.


Good luck mate :wink: The cage looks great, doesn´t it?

I find that sometimes you have to remove additional control points because it creates a small hump in what was a smooth line. I’m also trying to figure out how far I need to go with the cage itself, i.e. do I create a cage just for the body or do it for the body and include all the details like trims, badges, door handles etc etc.

It’s one thing creating a cage but the biggest challenge is modelling it, and I can already see which parts of the car are going to be a right headache.

Personally I think it’s an excuse to model as you don’t like texturing /nod

Well, that would be my excuse. :slight_smile:

So far I only did the body, the cage for other parts like handles will be created later.

Small update. Still working on it as I write this post. :cool:


This is probably the last update till the weekend. It’s taking longer than expected but it’s my first time using a cage.