Audi A5 2008

Afternoon all,

I’ve been working on this Audi for about 5-6 days on and off now so I thought I’d show you my progress so far…

Going to try and get some more done tonight as I have work to do at the moment.


I was working on the same car until I spotted the newer 2012 version around town. Currently am working on a 2012 S5 its very similar to this car I was able to reuse 80% of what I had done on the A5 so I will keep an eye on this. I am liking this very clean

Thanks for the comment. :slight_smile:

Here’s another update on it’s current status. There’s one or two things that I’m looking at and thinking “how on earth am I supposed to model that?!” but I think I’ll find out by experimenting.


Here’s a small update to an otherwise lengthy project. I am going to have to visit the dealership nearby to get some reference photos, especially close-ups because I plan to go all out on this one considering it’s going really well so far.

It might not be accurate to the point but boy am I trying!


nice…will wait for update

cud u post wireframe??? i am new to blender, struggling with car modelling, X) how do i create a high poly car??

I will post a wireframe (both smooth and unsmoothed) tonight when I get home.

As for a high poly car I would recommend looking at this tutorial:
Beware though some of it doesn’t make sense so you need to sit and read it over and over before it comes clear.
I would also suggest finding some YouTube videos on how to model a car in Blender, and you could probably do the same for 3ds Max - the principles are the same in either program.

very clean. This is pretty good so far.

Quite a large update here. I’m going to model all the window trims and stuff before ‘aligning’ the windows to the car.


Looking good, nice and smooth.

I’m not too convinced about the areas highlighted in red. I will need to do a reflection test first to see how it comes out.


Ha! Yeh, just done a test render looking for flaws on my project.

Not sure on the left of the two highlighted areas, but there could certainly be issue with the right one.

What sort of materials should I use for a reflections test? (I’m a Cycles noob).

I set up a basic car paint mat, but made it fairly light coloured.

I selected a glossy paint and just a random colour but it still looks dull with no reflections?

Play around with lights; about 3 but careful on strength or you get too much solid white; position is fun too.

Its so nice and clean

I followed the car rendering tutorial on blendercookie and this is what it looks like so far. I’m no expert on reflections so perhaps someone could point out errors (if there are any) pleash.

(the wheels are just randomly made and not the final ones)


Managed to get an hour or two into this tonight. Created the window trims and rubbers.


Started on the interior, created some detail on the headlights and also created the grille mesh for the fog light area.