Audi A5 2008

Looking clean; only spot I noticed was post 19, the edge of the door just above the inset for the door handle: the light seemed to curve, is that geometry or meant to happen?

I’ve had a look but can’t see anything untoward. With Blender 2.63 being released I decided to test out the Bevel tool and the improved Cut tool, so far I like them both. :slight_smile:

I used the bevel tool to get rid of those rounded edges on the roof.


I decided to tackle the front bumper even more and try to model those caps you see on both sides. I followed a step in a tutorial for a car made in 3ds Max and this is what I managed to come out with.


Looks nice and clean so far, well done.

Found your A5 GrandeP!
Looking good! I love that car!

But the Mercedes is also doing great.
Can’t tell if one is better than the other…

Both of them are looking great!

I need to add more thickness to the front grill because it looks like an anorexic school girls left leg. Does anyone know what sort of setup I need to do a ‘clay’ render?

Try turning on AO pass in cycles render settings… then save only the AO.

I’ll try that tonight and see what Cycles comes out with. Expect an update to this car tonight.

The start of the interior, made exclusively from a cube… :RocknRoll:


Small update on the interior. The hardest part is knowing the right scale for the objects and how to model the seats, but I’m just putting guide blocks in for now so I get an idea of the sort of size objects I’m working with.


The interior cubes are working well.
For the scale, try drawing a simple “skeleton” with the grease pencil in the side view… just to get a sense of proportion.
I think it all depends on what you’re going to do. If you’re thinking of making only exterior renders, you don’t need a great level of detail. Only right proportions.

Cheers GrandeP!

I’m planning on doing interior renders. :evilgrin:

That takes it to another level.

Agree - nice to see it progressing.

Looking forward! I’m planning to do something similar with my skyline, just I’m a bit worried of all the materials, wood, leather, etc.
Wish u best of luck :slight_smile:

Alright the updates have slowed down a bit but now I’m concentrating on it quite a bit now that I have some more free time.

A small update of the interior but expect more later tonight or in the coming week.

EDIT: I modelled some more of the seats and created an over the top seat belt catch thingy, I’ll probably delete some of it since only part of it will be visible during rendering.


Cool that looks really good! Could you post some wireframes of the whole car? Recently I also tried to model my first car, and I kind a failed, but I still learned a lot! It is always interesting for me to see wires, so I can see the topology, and get some ideas of how the edges need to flow.

I have attached the .blend file here so you can have a look at the wires on the body. :RocknRoll:


body_share.blend (699 KB)

Two hours worth of work tonight. It’s dragging a bit but there’s nothing I can do apart from plough on…


Started on the parcel shelf thingy last night and this is where it is at so far. I just need to model speakers and the silver ring that surrounds them and that’ll be that part done.