Aura type thing in BGE?

Hello All,
I was working on monkey rampage when i stumbled upon this problem.

How to make like a dark aura around a blade, etc…

I thought about a cylinder, or plain and wrapping it around the blade, and giveing it a texture, but that didn’t work!

So if anyone’s got any ideas on how to do this, or a tutorial on how to do this would you please post it here! I would greatly accept anything you have to offer that may help me!:smiley:


I don’t understand what you are wanting?
A plane or two with animated alpha textures sounds like what you are looking for…

is this wat ur looking 4?


sword glow.blend (145 KB)

Sorta like that, but it didn’t work in texture mode but it did in solid mode.

That will work, but anyone know why it wouldn’t appear in texture mode?

Hello u didn’t compress the file. could u compress it and re-upload it?


A simple option would be to put an animated texture on a plane and parent it to the sword. Then, while in edit mode, select the plane, go to the editing panel, go to the texture face tab, and select halo (click copy if you have multiple faces selected to apply it to all of them). Let me see if I can put something together for you. I should have some kind of sword or other weapon model around here somewhere.

Edit: looks like it will take a little bit more tweaking than I originally thought, but I am determined to make this work in a similar fashion, especially since I have been wanting to do something similar for a lightsaber effect.

Ok thanks a lot dude. :cool:


Dug up BGE lightsaber, but it the effect doesn’t work well with a sword in it. Also, are you looking for a lightsaber type effect? If not can you give me some details on how you want your aura to work?

I am still working on this by the way, just sharing some results so far.

Thx ill try using it when i get some more time.:yes:

But, i was thinkin something more like this

but with more of a plain old black kind of aura.


What about a a flaming sword effect, but with black instead of red for the flames? I’ll try that anyways, a flaming sword could be useful for later :wink:

Yea that could be useful for later.:yes:

Btw thx for all of your help.:cool:



I have here a demo file that has a plane tracking the camera (so it looks good from most angles) and still staying on the sword. It uses a python script that is fairly straight forward and is called track (it is located in the blend file). Using this you should be able to make a animated or video texture to get a good animated aura effect.

The idea is not new and I finally found a thread that addressed this here. And I got help from the #gameblender irc channel to get the python figured out.

I plan to still do that flaming sword thing though, but it will be with fire instead of darkness. I will put up a link here when I am done if you like.

fixededified and shtuff.


sword glow.blend (290 KB)

@Hello Thanks.

@Kupomon Yea you could still do the flaming sword if you don’t care.:wink:

Question to both Hello, and Kupomon.

These things won’t work without glsl will they…

Pics of what i got in texture mode…
In other words it didn’t show up in texture mode.


The wrong textures showed up when I changed to multitexture mode, but the aura was still there for me :stuck_out_tongue: . I will be out of town this weekend, so I don’t know when I can get to looking at it.

Ok thx alot.:cool:


I have returned!

So where were we? Did you ever get that glow to work right? I also I have a flaming sword, but I am not happy with it. I think I might go work on that some.

With some help from Gomer, I am now happier with my flame sword:

Edit 2
Forgot you were in texture face, so the particles on the flame sword will not work right for you. But on the aura thing, just go to the material settings, and change the plane’s alpha to 1, and turn of ZTransp.

Thanks on the help on the aura sword! It worked greatly.:wink:

And I;)'m guesssing you meant te flaming sword would’t work for me… Cause for me its well i dont know how to explain it lolz.

Ok, to get the fire effect going in texture mode is actually an easy fix too (sorry, I am used to just working in GLSL and forget to make my stuff work in texture mode :stuck_out_tongue: ).

Go to layer 3 and select the particle
Go into edit mode
Assign it the texture Particle_basic.png in the UV/Image Editor

Thx dude!

It worked great!:smiley:

Not a problem, I love this kind of stuff. Any other effects you are trying to figure out?