Autodesk sock puppets tried to shut down discussions on this forum and failed

There was a thread:

Is Autodesk trying to commit Suicide?

91 Forum members participated in the discussion, more than 3 thousand discussions, no flame, no anger, thoughtful in depth discussions by all members across the board.

The sock puppets are getting uncomfortable that members here actually care about the topic and are contributing to the discussion.

Today I received that “Post Hidden by Community Flag” for the very first post that started it.

They thought if they close the first post of the thread that started it, the entire thread will be hidden.

Because of what they did, they just look really silly now.
Moderators are starting to look kinda silly for letting that happen as well.

What’s that a conspiracy theory? Do you think Autodesk is able to block a post on a private forum?

Not so much a conspiracy than a big fail.

Just look at the thread it self.
The first post after so many months was suddenly flagged.

People participated, thousands of discussions.
It being flagged means two thing:

1: It was a discussion never to have in the first place for it offense the santa master but the mods totally missed it and the resulting discussion makes people realize “hey, people actually cared about this topic.” and the mod discided to just let a fruitful open discussion be.

2: The mod was totally allow it but the sock puppets use the built in reporting system to try and close the thread by silencing the first post.

How did you respond to this topic almost right after I click post ? Like less than a minute !

Oh brother… You didn’t get flagged because Autodesk feels threatened or any such silly nonsense. You were flagged because of your fatuous us-vs-them attitude.

This flag was a mistake on my end, I got confused with the UX here. I have asked the Discourse team for help on how to restore it.


I was able to unhide it with the moderator controls. The post appears to be marked as flagged, but at least it should be visible to everyone.

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Great, what did you do exactly?

Even THIS thread got flagged too, seriously there is nothing I can do here but hope the mods are aware there is a reason why the term sock puppet exist, it is actually a thing.

One already exposed themselves.
But they could just make another account.

Notice the account that was fighting back, look into that account, zero post, this being their FIRST post and they are targeting this.

If you don’t see any post that I was referring to, that sock puppet has deleted her account.

On the OP: Meatballs menu (•••) → Wrench menu → Unhide

You should be very careful about tossing accusations of sock puppetry without some kind of hard proof. We take these accusations very seriously. For example, this post was flagged because it was in the wrong section of the forum.


You mean proof like you just got that one like 2 seconds into your post ? Or the one where I got a reply 2 seconds after posting ? All targeting the idea of shutting this down ?

Again I could be wrong, but remember this fact that has happened.

A discussion about Autodesk->months later as popularity surges, very first post blocked.
Not conspiracy, actually happened.

No. That’s conjecture. As moderators, we can see who flags posts and check why. We can also see deleted posts and check user IPs (specifically for sock puppeting). Absolutely none of your claims are substantiated.


Then I am wrong then, I can accept that.


there is 3 minute difference between our post. I don’t really know what you mean

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