Is Autodesk trying to commit Suicide?

I understand that they are doing VERY WELL in the engineering side, but when it comes to 3DS Max and Maya…I think the threshold has been passed since 2014 and it is just taking time for people to notice that Blender is there now.

Most people are not creating HOLLYWOOD movies, so Blender is about 99.9 percent of all they need.

Diversity is good, competition is good, so yes long live 3DS Max and Maya…and SoftImage [Opps…pun intended…]

What I don’t understand is the aggressive pricing for 3DS Max and Maya…
I don’t understand…are they

1: Testing the market ?
2: Seeing how long people can take it in the a-s-s before they say stop it hurts ?
3: Oblivious in arrogance ? Like that 1000 Apple stand ?

Anyone have any insight here ?


By using market data, search engine data, and also advanced anaylytics learned in college. And beside those, lots of more data. They have come down to a calculation for a price, that would yield the maximum possible profit.

The only thing Autodesk is thinking about, is money.


Isn’t it cheaper than ever nowadays?
Yeah, you can say that this is a perpetual license and now they selling annual subscription, but back in a day you had to buy new release every year anyways, so it’s comparable, imo

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Looking at their annual reports there is a steady increase in both subscriptions and revenue. Most of it wouldn’t come from the media/entertainment sector I guess, but as a business they seem to be doing just fine.

Not really my cup of tea, I don’t like (hate) subscription models but I guess it makes sense - big companies need the support (at least for recovering corrupted data and such) but because the complexity of internal tool migration they’d only update once every couple of years.

As for everyone else, I only know a handful of hobbyists who actually bought maya/max back in the day, I don’t think that’s a market autodesk is trying to break into.


That link you sent me is from 2005…it’s so old…SoftImage was still alive back then…

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It’s easy to have an increase in subscription when the previous model was not a subscription.
It would be like me not having a ball on my hand and then when I have a ball in my hand I said I have “an increase in my ball count”.

But yeah if you are right about the revenue increase…I guess it works then, I was wrong.


Well yeah, and that’s where people discuss how much 3ds max license cost: $3000 in US and 5000 euros in Europe.
And here you can see price for 2019
Which is $1545 and effectively just a half of a price from 2005, not even including inflation.

In life it’s all about choice you made according to your own philosophy and if you support big soulless corporations it’s your choice!

As for me i try to do what i preach like supporting a dynamic community base on sharing like the Blender one and frankly how can you not like Ton as a person.

Call me a nut but i prefer supporting a software that is develop by cool people instead of market share holders corporate thugs!


Plenty of [insert not-nice adjective here] people supporting non “corporate” software, too.

Yeah, yeah. I know. But relentless name calling gets to me, especially in areas that should be professional. :grimacing:


No name calling here but i like to call an orange an orange! I also want competition since monopoly is not good even for open source software.

Also i am not talking about any particular corporations but more on a general basis.

One of the main reason our planet is on the brink of collapse is the power of the corporations so if no one oppose them or challenge them then all is lost…

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You might be a nut, but you are a pretty good nut, as a matter of fact, I wish we were friends :smiley:


Yay!!! Down with The Man!!! Corporate Pigs!!!

Only I’m going to say that in an interrogative form that seems like I’m actually looking for an answer rather than just spewing my hot sticky opinions all over my monitor.

Why nut(intentional nuttery) you also seem like a cool dude! :wink:

Hey there,
Autodesk is indeed ignoring atractive pricing models of other competitors (Houdini and 399$ indie license, Blender being open source, even Cinema 4D has somewhat interesting license models). There is only student license that is provided by autodesk (for non commercial use) but that is just not enought (see non-commercial). I really think that they should implement indie license(like Houdini) and I think that a lot of freelancers would go for it, but it seems that they simply have zero interest in that area and they even stated that they are not gonna do it anytime soon (someone asked them on forum). It is a pity because 3ds max is still awsome piece of software (all hates aside) especially for areas like Architectural visualizations and game development.
By the way they are still dominant in these areas (atleast in ArchViz) by far and that is probably the reason why they are so reluctant in license pricing changes. Archviz industry is quite huge and also quite I would say old-fashioned…:slight_smile: I would even say it does evolve in slowest pace out of all CGI industry and therefore there is little to one willingness to change to another software.
Future is now (that saying is getting more and more meaning these days) so who knows what will happen in upcoming 2-5 years but for know Autodesk is safe.
Don’t get me wrong I kinda fall in love with Blender and it is amazing how fast it is developing but in terms of atleast ArchViz there is still miniscule usage in comparition to 3ds max. But as soon as there is even slightest hint of question about Blender and archviz out of mouth of my boss, I will be the first to rise a hand to vote for it :D!


Subscription model for “industry standard” software is going to work well, because there are no alternatives. There is a large market for software like Blender that can do everything in 500-800$ range, but no such thing exists, because you would make way less money with that than subscription model. Just give me a streamlined and feature packed 3D modeling software in that price range without open source hiccups and I’ll buy it right now.

They are VIPS they don’t want poor freelance shithole between the feet.
Accept this reality. You are poor, all of you.
Only rich and famous people will be able to use their broomsticks from the golden pole in the ass,
Poor. Hungry stinks. Everyone!

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They certainly put some effort into pissing off their customers:

“Unless the policy changes, that would mean that most, if not all, users with perpetual licences who haven’t upgraded them as part of a maintenance plan will no longer be able to reactivate them.”

This is not gonna fly, i can already see in my minds eye, a bunch of lawyers rubbing their hands together. I am 100% sure that this is against EU laws. A perpetual license is by definition, never ending or changing, endless and uninterrupted.
If they can’t or won’t provide license activation, this opens the doors for any other means that makes it possible to use the program people have paid for or a complete refund since the product is no longer functional.

“The majority of our activation code generators are built on aging technology, some of which are no longer supported by the vendors that built them."

Don’t worry, Xforce customer service has your back. Their activation code generators will always work no matter what.


Well then, license 666-69696969 seems to be in our hearts again.


The worst thing they could do is sacrifice quality, for profits.

I totally agree, just a quick heads up: the $399 are for 2 (!!) years of an indie license, which is a steal… One year is @ $269