Aztec - Escape from Volcano Island - Is Back!

oh yeah, go for it. I’ll definately play this one.

There is a cool way to make water waves in photoshop, Here is a quick test I did in about 5 minutes, its 100% tileable.

if this cool way is explained in any tutorial, could you please post a link?

No, but I can tell you.

Go to Filter > Render > Clouds.

Then go to Filter > Glass, and adjust the slide bars untill you get close to what you want it to look like.

I then go to Filter > Other > Offset and off set it by 50% on the x and y axis. This will show you where the seam is.

Now you want to use the stamp tool and use a large round brush with fuzzy edges. Then pick diffrent pieces of the image and cover up the seam lines. Make sure you even out the dark to light variation of the image. You may want to offset again to make sure you dont have any more seams. You can also go back and redo the glass effect and off set again for even more waves.

Next I go to Image > Adjustmenst > Color Balance. Then I add some blue and green.

When you tile it it should be 100%tile able. The larger the image when you start the better. For this example I did 200x200 and the resolution is kinda low. I would recommend going 1200x1200 and then scaling down if you need to after you did all the effects work.

  1. To easily tile it: before you run the glass filter, go to Filters>Map>Make Seamless (this is in the GIMP, but I know there’s an easy way to do it on PS), then apply your glass filter.

  2. For your texture dimensions, use powers of 4 (4,16,32,64,128,256,512,1024, etc.). This will allow Blender to render the texture much faster in real time. So don’t make a 200x200 texture, make it 256x256, and don’t make a 1200x1200, make it 1024x1024.

thank you. You’re right, quick is a key word. Thanks again

The Progress your making is awesome :smiley: can’t wait to play it!

THANKS! I hope to start modeling soon. I will post screens as I make each level.

I am still refining the main character but he is almost in a FINAL stage of concept.

I am kinda excited because it has been a few years since I woked on a game. This is my true passion.

glad to see you back blending… time for me to open up the sportsbook!

Giving myself 1/2 odds of finishing. Thank god I made 3 small levels instead of 1 big one. This way even if I dont get to the last two before christmas, I will have 1 really cool level.

I am taking an “add-on” approch here. Add levels as I get done with them. So even stand alone levels will be worth playing. Aim low and shoot high.

ok, one question. how do you intend to fight the enemies? will you Make you able to just kill them by walking upto them, or when you get close is sets off a seperate fight scene, or what.

In the first level he will have a spear that he will swing. Second he will have a bow and arrow. Third is a bone sword and shield. When the spear hits the enemy they will change from live models to dead ones. There is an example in the mario level I did, When the turtles got hit once, they went into their shell, then another hit and they blew up into stars.

you need blender 2.25 to play

I did alot of textures for the level, Check them out here.

so there won’t be a seperate fight scene, like in Final Fantasy? It’ll be like Zelda where you just go upto and kill them.

Whatever it’ll be, it sounds pretty cool! I love the way you’re doing all these concepts!

Since I broke my mouse playing battlefield 1942, I decided to try some more concepts for this small game. i was not happy with the savages and did not think they fit the look and feel I was going for. Then I thought maybe the toon look was not where I wanted to go either. I really want a semi real look and feel to this game. I know my skill level is good enough to pull this off, modeling and texturing. So here we go with new concepts for the same characters, I just made them look more cool :).

The new savage looks awsome. The crab is also very good, but those blocks around his head make it look like he’s smiling in a goofy way, kinda not scary… The rest of it is great.

Haha, your right, they do look like teeth lol. I will try and give them more detail or change the shape.

Actually, yeah, I do like the more spiky type of savage. This game is looking cool, and you have a plan for it, which is also awesome, and something I look up to considering I’m the most unplanning person ever.

Ok, I fixed the crab, I think he looks more scary now.

Yea, it looks alot beter now, nice work.

Now that’s more like it…Looking great.:slight_smile: