B-17G, Late War model (WIP)

Crazy attention to detail

Thanks. It would have been easy to just do the exterior, but that’s been done a bunch. There’s just not an easy way to model a large bomber like this with so much interior exposed.

Working on the autopilot system, Flight Servo. I still have some work to do but I had fun modeling the internals on this, like wiring the component correctly.


Your collection of reference material must be massive to include details like this.

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It is not small, no. I don’t have everything I need yet but the reference collection does continuously grow.


Engine crate for the hangar environment. I’m not actually sure on the colors, it’s either black or drab, type is either white or yellow. I guessed based on the tone of grayscale images. This is a background element for real-time environment so there’s not a lot of detail. It’s what it needs to be and no more. 868 triangles, 2k textures. I don’t plan on camera getting too close but texture details weren’t holding enough for 1k so had to bump it up.

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It has been absolutely amazing to watch this project as it continues to develop … :slight_smile:

A full eighty years after engineers created “the real thing” in the desperation of World War, someone else – you … – is now forever memorializing it in the finest digital detail. If I may say, “that’s rather incredible.” With or without the game.


Wow thanks! I appreciate it. This is definitely a labor of love. :slight_smile: