B2RizomUV Import Export Bridge

So I tried the new version, still no luck, not even with send/get. But I found the following: It seems the cube (or object) doesn’t make the trip back from unfold3d. The Uv map I get in blender is just the one you get when you add a cube and add an uv map. When I “send”, do the unwrap, THEN SAVE in unfold3d, then “get”, it works.

I am not logged in as admin, maybe it’s some kind of permissions / paths problem.

thanks it work now.
i try with auto unfold wigh simple cube but it don’t give the prefered result ; just 6 squares above each other
and with suzane model : wrong uv mapping;
the manual method : can anyone show step by step ; i always get errors

All these bugs should now be fixed in the new version of B2Unfold3D. I have rewritten the handling of exported meshes from the ground up and now works 100% with multiple meshes at the same time. Keep in mind that my addon can not compensate for messy geometry as in loose vertices. They are automatically deleted during obj exporting which then makes it impossible to transfer back the UVs. As for the auto settings of the plugin, I suggest you read up on the reflective settings in Unfold3D so you can understand what they do. This bridge is not an automatic tool in the sense of plug and play, but rather and tool for easier working between the softwares :slight_smile:

Should be fixed in the new version :slight_smile:

For some reasons I can’t get updated UV from Unfold3d, but the name of mesh keeps updating.
(Send works).

Can you send me a screenshot of the system console (Window -> Toggle System Console) when performing the “get” button :slight_smile: Also when exporting to obj which the system does to get the mesh over to Unfold3D it will remove any loose geometry like unconnected verts etc. double check to make sure the mesh is clean :slight_smile: I can also take a quick look at your mesh if nothing shows in the console.

Were you able to figure out what was wrong Yura? :slight_smile:

hi Esindesign, Your addon doesn’t work for me. i select object and click unfold-> auto and then unfold3d is open blank(blender hangsover until i quit unfold). unfold version is 9 and blender 2.79. if you want to see system console screen you must wait till monday :spin:. or maybe i do something wrong

Ah yes, I should have mentioned that. Unfold3D version 10 added support for Lua script automation. I’m afraid my addon doesn’t support the older versions of Unfold3D :confused:

Hi Esindesign. Sorry for the delay, I’m dealing with a tight deadline)

ACtually AutoUnwrap does work like a charm, but manual unwrupping doesn’t work correctly, I can’t get the UVs.
The only thing I get in the console is this. I’m saving model in Unfold3d before getting UV and nothing happens

no errors.
I’m using Unfold10

Can you send me a picture of what you are seeing in the system console? You can find it under the window tab (“toggle system console”) :slight_smile:

I found the issue, you need to change 191 line to this. The addon will handle the updated model, not the one imported from Blender.

	obj = "Tmp.obj"


	obj = "Tmp_out.obj"

And now it works just as it should be

Also I’ve updated def B2Unfold_ImportFunction(Path, Object, Names, ImportList): with these set of lines to suit my workflow

		#setting seams and sharps
		imObjs.select = True
		tmpString = "" + '{:04d}'.format(Names[ImportList.index(imObjs)][1])
		bpy.ops.object.mode_set(mode = 'EDIT') 
		bpy.ops.uv.seams_from_islands(mark_seams=True, mark_sharp=True) 
		bpy.ops.object.mode_set(mode = 'OBJECT')

But it would be cool to have this as optional feature

Btw, could you update add options to set packaging quality by default it’s 2000, coz sometimes I have to deal with 8k uvs and mutation number

Awesome that you figured it out :slight_smile: Yeah for sure, I will add those features!

I just didn’t know how to use console.

Alright I updated the addon to 1.2 with the changes :slight_smile: Now with auto transfer of seams, fixes and packing quality control under the automation tab

Minor fixes

Stability improvements, fixed vertex order which could break the transferring UV process.

B2RizomUV 1.5.0 Released!

  • Support for 2018.0 release of RizomUV (Previously known as Unfold3D).
  • Renamed UI elements to reflect names found in RizomUV.
  • Added toggle for applying modifiers.
  • Improved stability
  • Minor bugs fixed during export.

Does it actual for the august relize?

I just bought and it doesn’t work.