Bake issue

Hello. Where is the problem? I can’t bake this model texture. I get only black texture. I’ve tried to basically and with addon “baked”. I’ve tried with other models everything seems good. Any clue where to look at?

Maybe try to ask in this thread BakeLab 2 - Free addon for image baking with Cycles and give more info what you have done ?

Everything is the same as usual, the model only with BS DF shader. I can get only like this bake. I’ve tried glossy, diffuse, combined types, use cycle render, make new UV, duplicate the object and ETC.

I meantioned the other thread because there are users who use and know this addon and even the developer…

It’s a general question because also it happens with the default vanilla settings.

Ahh now i see:

Wanna share soem info about the possible diff in you settup or do we have to guess?? If its only wth that modell maybe tell something about it?

What information do you need?

How should we know without further info?

Oh you now changed something randomly???

Okay there are some typos because i made it quick… but:

Have you looked at your own picture… barely visible, and the problem seems to be the bake setup… seems to bake only b/w… maybe ambient occlucion???

So you tried others and don’t know what’s different? Again:

How should we know without further info?

You are the only one who can look at your files. You already has changed some thing (randomly? why and what)…

Okay i try it this way: Look at you post and imagine you know blender a bit more. Tell me: Could you help this guy? He tried other and everything is the same… obviously not…