BakeLab 2 - Free addon for image baking with Cycles

BakeLab - A blender addon for baking images.
Compatible with Blender 2.81 or higher.


Download here:

Main Features:

  • Automatically create images, setup materials, bake objects and save/pack images in one click;
  • Automatically generating materials;
  • Anti-Aliased baking;
  • Baking Vector Displacement to real geometry;
  • Bake any PBR attributes of your material by its name (Metallic, Roughness, Specular and etc);
  • Adaptive image size by object’s surface size;
  • Unwrap and Bake Multiple Objects into one image;



Congratulation… it looks really friendly. And simple.

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Thank you for what you did, I’m trying the addon, so far so good. If you are open to requests, my ideas are:

  • under the “unwrap” and “clean UV” I would add 4 buttons: mark as seams, select all seams, mark as sharp, select all sharp.
  • about “generate materials”, a checkbox to revert the objects to their previous materials when you click “finish” (this way you can simply preview the bake without the fear to lose the history from ctrl+z and/or manually revert to the previous materials - which is an easy task with a couple of objects, but become tedious when the objects are many-)
  • a progress bar that let you know how many objects are still baked/needed until the last final bake.
  • some sort of “explode” for your objects?
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OMG, you did it. I was baking this way (emission) by hand with a node group that just has a pricipled BSDF and emission shaders hooked up and toggling the group outputs for the different channels. I was considering writing code to basically do that part for me and you already did this. Thanks!

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Fantastic work, but I found a small bug. I’m on OSX, blender 2.82.
When I bake/save, textures get created, prefixed with a “\” . also a directory named “\” is created.
Blender then fails to find the images, as the materials created are not prefixed with the '"

other than that everything works great

[edit] the character that is prefixed gets stripped in the post… its a single backslash character, so from top left to bottom right, it the post I tried escaping it with a double backslash, hope this works


Great tool! You know that another addon called lightmapper use also the denoise from openimagedenoise to denoise the baked texture? Would be absolutely great to add this feature in your addon!

Of all the “Bakers” out there that seems to think more features = better, you actually achieved nirvana !
Simple, straight to the point.

This is THE PBR or “Bake everything to one texture (choose your type)” or “Multiple object’s UV into one” baker.
Good luck to anyone attempting to make anything even remotely more straight forward or simpler than this.

It is always easy to make things more complicated, it is the direct simplicity of this add-on that is AMAZING.


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Just tested this out and love it. A really simple addon for creating light maps and other baking needs. Thank you for making this!

Really nice tool.
One request if I’m allowed: along with Fixed and Adaptive can we have “Original”?
I mean is it possible to output just the image texture in its original ratio, without any UVmap (aka "reset" UV) with just all the color/mix/curves etc. applied? Maybe a % slider for downsampling could be useful there too.
I’d find this very useful because having textures spaghetti-nodes merged down to a single “raster” image is cool for reusing it on any UV.
I mean: I could then use the new image on many different objects with their own UV without having to bake a (different-UV-layout) image (of the same texture/colors) for each and every object: I could reuse the same texture in UE4 on different objects keeping their original blender UV mapping.
In other words: I could have the Blender workflow “ported” into UE4, using a few materials applied on many different objects, thanks to correct UV mapping.
Wouldn’t this be useful?

Awesome Tool.
I was using bake wrangler before, but it was always just so much to setup just for a basic bake.
Your tool is straight forward.
I have some questions.
I’m mostly using selected to active.
In what unit is the Bake margin? Is it in Pixel like in the original bake Ui?
Is the cage Extrusion = Ray Distance in blender units?

And one feature request.
I’m using the compositor to denoise combined bakings.
It would be amazing to have a checkbox when baking Combined, Glossy(direct/indirect) and Diffuse(Direct/Indirect) pass (normal and albedo connected), to create automatically a denoised texture.

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Thanks for this,excellent :grin:

are you baking with AA? that bakes at higher resolution and scales down to your target resolution which may accomplish what you need.

No, I’m baking Combined with low samples (64). When I bake a Normal and Albedo map with 1 sample too I can denoise the combined map with the denoise compositing which is a big timesaver. To get the same result I had to bake with 1000 samples and that on 4k/8k textures takes ages

Indeed, it would be great to have a denoiser directly via a checkbox. It’s very difficult to do because no Baking add-on offers this feature.

I haven’t tried it yet, peraphs it could “fix” the tedious setup about denoising baked textures? Temporal Denoising with the SID addon

Sid hasn’t been made for denoising baked textures.
If the bake lab guys need help with having a denoiser setup in their work flow, I can gladly help

If you have a solution to denoise baked texture automaticity with node compositor or with another solution, I would appreciate your help :star_struck:


There is a workflow, not the best but it reduce the noise substantially, using the Compositor.

  1. Open the “noisy baked image” in the compositor. With the Image Node.
  2. Add a Denoise Node and the Viewer Node
  3. Connect
  4. Wait a moment
  5. Save the Viewer image. Is denoised.
  6. Or use the Output Node (as you need) to save the image automatically.



Adding that feature is not complicated, you can copy some code from the SID addon.
not interfering with the user’s stuff,thstd the complicated part

I tag AquaticNightmare since his EZ Baker addon could implement that feature but he have no hints about how to do it EZ Baker - #50 by AquaticNightmare

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