Exporting node materials to textures

So I’ve been searching multiple times if there’s any possible way to export the result of your shader nodes to textures…it seems to be such an oversight if it’s not doable…I make a lot of content for video games and it would be incredibly helpful if I could tweak and generate textures in blender and then export them as diffuse, roughness, normal and so on. Thanks in advance!

Hello @WildNiks of course this works in blender and is generally and called “Texture Bake” (as in other programs too). After the topic you will find some stuff on youtube. Since the standard way in Blender is a bit annoying I strongly recommend to use an addon. Like BakeLab2, Principled Baker or easyBake.
For high professionals there is also Bake Wrangler and on Blendermarket and gumroad you can also find something.

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Should be said, baking textures isn’t the same thing as baking actual materials. You cannot bake materials. It’s impossible. Materials cannot be represented as textures.