BakeLab - Addon for baking textures

BakeLab - A blender addon for baking images.

Main Features:

  • Automatically unwrap objects, create images, bake objects, save/pack images, generate materials in one click;
  • Support for both Cycles and BI render engines;
  • Anti-Aliased baking;
  • Custom passes(for Cycles). bake any attributes from your material(Roughness, Metallic, Specular and etc);
  • Advanced Normal Baking For Cycles. Now in Cycles you can bake normals/bumps plugged into BSDFs;
  • Unwrap and Bake Multiple Objects into one map;
  • Automatically Generating Materials for both Cycles and BI;

Compatible with Blender 2.79

Update for 2.8x version here:


Thanks for sharing

Is this compatible with 2.80?

Not compatible yet

This looks interesting, though I’m already on Blender 2.8 so I’m hoping this add-on will be updated for it!

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Salom. Siz o’zbekmisiz?

Yes, started to work on a new version

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Salom, ha :slight_smile:

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Qoyil! O’zbeladanam borakanmi?! :slight_smile:
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Oh. Good. Im as you from Tashkent. Are you have telegram?

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Wonderful! That’s great news.

Released new version for 2.8: