Baking texture from one object to another in blender 2.8?

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Hi guys,
doing photogrammetry, and retopology, i am used of the baking system from 2.79. As i do until now, using the blender render engine thaty provide rthat option, “baking”>“texture”, (wich doesnt exist in cycles !)

My question is: will we have this option in 2.8, as the Brender will not be ported ?
will it be available for evee render ? we really need this feature.

please, correct me if it already exist in the pre-release of 2.8 (i cant find it), have a nice day :slight_smile:


Hi @uriel,

it’s still there:


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Hi Damian…
Bake is there, but textures only is not available :wink: i am looking for the feature to get a “baking texture” from one object to another… like the 2.79 blender render bake system !



you should have no issues with baking any kind of texture from one object to another ( I presume you want to bake the photogrammetry texture to a new image which has more sensible UV mapping on a cleaned mesh object ) - here’s a link to 2 posts that cover the primary methods:


I’m sure there are others too.


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I think the procedure is similar to 2.79 but with a small number of changes:
Instead of baking > texture, select baking > diffuse.

Step 1:
For the low poly object, set up the materials as in this video, and the UV layer:
For my test in 2.8 I used a Diffuse BSDF material, and the Cycles renderer.
Ignore the bake step in the video.

Step 2:
Select the high poly object, then the low poly object, and then go to Bake > Diffuse. Influence should only be Colour, and Selected to Active = true, and Ray Distance should be a small number, but not 0.

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