Baking vertex color nodes


I’m wondering if it’s possible to bake this node input, so the actual red and green vertex colors could be exported to an external renderer, in stead of the black and white vertex colors that serve as a mask.


Plug the desired output with vertex colors into Emit shader (fastest way is with Node Wrangler with Ctrl+Left click) and bake Emit pass. Or leave node setup as is and bake Diffuse pass.

Just unwrap the object if it isn’t and add an image Texture node to the tree with image to bake to.

not sure I get it, vertex colors are being exported with the mesh data so they shouldn’t be black and white and should be exported as they are.

Thanks @Zak_Gre.

OK, so UV coordinates are necessary to export the vertex color output from the node setup?

What I’d like is ‘flatten’ the output of the vertex color nodes (black and white vertex colors serving as a mask ➔ Mix node that adds colors) into a new vertex color channel. That isn’t possible without unwrapping and baking to an image texture?

Hey Metin, check this addon:

It simplifies such baking process a lot. (No UV coordinates necessary by the way)


Thanks @filibis, I’ll check it out. :+1:

Well, baking won’t move them to a new vertex color channel rather than image. I’m not sure if you can edit vertex colors that way. You could edit them with vertex painting tools also, for example with different modes for painting.

UV coordinates are necessary for baking, at least by default. That said, if taking setup on your screenshot you could plug color output from the vertex colors and get vertex colors themselves without black and white mask and colorizing with Mix node. That might not do it if you have more complex setup.

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