Balloon Head

(gumen) #1

Welcome. Below is my last work. Clean box modeling. It took me all of two weeks. In the meantime, my tablet stopped working, and immediately after the laptop was destroyed :frowning: Therefore, texture, and render matariały done on the old machine. Satisfaction levels quite high. There are many things that I would have improved, but it’s time to finish this and get on with the next project.

I hope that this work even a little bring a smile to your face :wink:

Render: blender internal
Textures: photoshop

Here you can find high-resolution render:
Modeling Timelapse Video:
5 hour version: balloon_head_timelapse2x.7z (3,6GB)

(Cramer) #2

made me smile! It´s really cool!

(ErwinS) #3

Really good work. Skin shader is very nice :slight_smile:

(sircactuscat) #4

Hahaha, really good!! nice use of colour

(gumen) #5

It’s nice that you like it :smiley:
Shader is quite simple. I can show you the settings if you like.
Color balance was in focus in this work. I’m glad someone noticed and appreciated it.
Thanks for your comments :slight_smile:

(ImmortalZombie) #6

Great work!

(ShadowCamero) #7

Seriously amazing! The color is just right. Reminds me of the movie Up. Fantastic job!

(gumen) #8

I’m glad you like it :slight_smile:

Unbelievable that for some people, the graphics are very cheerful, and others see it as a horrifying picture of cut off head. Interpretation of messages flowing from the graphics I leave for you :wink:

And actually I only saw the beginning of the movie UP. So I’m not inspired by the movie. But I can see why people associate the image with the film.

(Kemmler) #9

super cool, great work.

(gumen) #10

thanks! :smiley:

(bonrw1) #11

Really like the way it turned out! :smiley: great work!

(ErwinS) #12

Could you show the skin shader?

(0rAngE) #13

That’s a really nice final!

Box modeled?! Wow, hat’s off. Love the ear. Overall, it’s a really great model considering it wasn’t sculpted.
It’s been ages since I modeled a bust. I prefer sculpting.

(Modron) #14

Nice model. It’s good to see a model made in the ‘old’ way. Nice materials too.

(gumen) #15


I love box modeling. A few times I use the grab brush. But such a thing can’t be called sculpturing :stuck_out_tongue: Actually, I recorded the whole process of modeling. There’s a couple of hours, but if someone is interested, I can put together it in some timelapse video.

My skin shader is quite simple. It is much less complicated than in my previous graphics. It is true that I had to improve it in composite mode. But for this project it work quite well.

The final version I render separately head with specular material. Then I added this render in composite. If anything is unclear - ask :eyebrowlift2:

Thank you for your response. I am so happy reading such comments :slight_smile:

(jean_pierre2005) #16

Interesting Idea, five star, the render is very nice for me.

(juanrav) #17

Great render, I am not an artistic Man now but I think this is art

(3d|slider) #18

Original idea, you make some very good render and look great skin too.

(gumen) #19

Thanks a lot :smiley: I spent days and nights working on this project :spin:

(bonrw1) #20

One question, did you paint the textures by hand, without any textures? Or did you use photo source images and painted them on?