Ban Poser!

WARNING: this thread contains pictures which may be too intense for real artists and persons under the age of seventeen.

I hate Posermade models!

It crossed my mind several time. Why not start an organization in the same spirit as Ban ComicSans about Poser.

The poser-models are about to take over the world, and it will hurt us true modeller’s and artists.

Here comes two scary examples.
The front of a quite new album by the swedish metalband In Flames. It’s fairly obvious that the models at the bottom are Poser-models. Some of them are even in their standardpose!

The “artist” haven’t textured the models at all and there seems to be no proper lighting to them either. The “artist” probably rendered them directly from inside Poser.

While the cover itself is not that bad as a whole, the posermodels does make this image look worse than it could.
As you can see, this is probably one of the worlds ugliest album-covers (and CG-render) ever made! And it made the album-frontcover for one of the world’s biggest rockbands ever. Can you believe it?..I simply cannot and will not accept it.

Where’s the lighting?..Where are the textures?..Where are the shadows?..Where’s the composition?

The “artist” were so glad he could “make” such nice models in Poser that he decided, or more likely didn’t have the skill to even make them look good!

There is nothing good in this image…at all!

Thanks for listening.

In Flames is swedish!??!?!

The second is terrible, but I rather like the first cover. It doesn’t need textures.

That aside, I hate most poser models because they are underdeveloped. Most scratch-made models are too. Maybe you should really be complaining about laziness.

hmm…the second picture DO SUCK ASS

but as far as teh first one goes…I don’t thin I could have tell it was poser made model…and I’m still sceptic about them being poser model…they look cool…and they don,t look to be in the original pose at all…they are modified at least…they fit the album look…the picture rocks in many way…as the band do :wink:

In FLames rules!

:o i’m too shocked that iron maden is still putting out albums to even notice the artwork. :o

If you want to call it that.

The first one is okay, the other…makes me sad. :frowning:

The first one I like, it shows some artistic ability. But the second one is just…blah…they didn’t even try.

Ban poser, decapitate the users - especially those who combine poser with Bryce and do naked women in water renders…

(not that i’ve ever done that!)

Brian (who doesn’t own poser OR bryce at all)

Yeah! Ban Poser!
(as we eagarly await the next Make Human release :P)

It’s true though. Poser chars are used almost like clipart.
I just read a Spiderman comic in which Jameson accuses Peter Parker of faking his pictures in “Poseur”.

poser sucks…

bah i don’t really care.

lets just ban crap artwork.


Yeah, who cares if they use poser, If its good, its good, and if its bad, well, they should be taken out the back and shot a few times.

(Well, maybe not, as I’d be the first against the wall as the anti-bad-cg-revolution comes)

SkeLeToR: Yes they are.

shbaz: You are probably right about lazyness…we should ban that too. :slight_smile: …thus the rest of the earth is to ban!

X-WARRIOR: I agree that there’s a nice composition, and the artist actually tried to hide the fact that they’re mady by poser. If you look carefully to the model left of the two ones in the middle. He’s in the standardpose, as is atleast two others in the background. This is easier to see on the backside of the booklet. Same poses, different composition.
Sorry about the quality, but as I don’t have a scanner…

Wu: My guess. Bruce Dickinsons daughter (maybe he doesn’t have one. if so, lets say another one in the band) played alittle with poser and said “look daddy, look what I’ve made”…

rndrdbrian: That’s right…Off with the heads!

rwv01: LoL. Didn’t think of that, but kind person as I am I will not say anything about Make Human… :slight_smile:

Alltaken: You’re definitely right about crappy artwork. Not that I think you can call posermodels “artwork”.

If you hate Poser then you gotta hate Blender’s “Make-Human” as well.

Personally I don’t hate Poser at all…

…I just don’t use it.

I’ve been making so much 3d-graphics over the years that
I create my own models…maybe not perfect…but they’re my own.

People have various reasons for using software like “poser”
and the script “Make-Human”. One of those reasons I can
think of would be…Architects…Imagine that you’ve built
the house of your dreams…and now you want to fill it
with life (people)…Then poser is heavensent!

Word out…


oh, and that cover is just one inmage layered on top of itself and blurred and scaled down. There are only four models. Now that’s lazy.

I’m not really against Poser either. I do think it’s rubbish, though - I’ve never liked those weird interfaces, same with Lightwave. But I love ComicSans, I’ve used that font quite a lot. I was also going to make the point about the makehuman script for Blender and I see a couple of others have mentioned it.

I do think these modelling things encourage laziness but so does a car. Would you want to ban cars because people aren’t doing things the hard way? It does annoy me because I would prefer if the companies would employ CG artists (like me) who actually knew a bit about CG so their ‘art’ would look credible. But people are abusing the system. Those systems are intended to be used by artists who don’t want to reinvent the wheel every time they build a model.

I know I’ve just spent a long time trying to get all the face loops in my human model right and if I had used makehuman, it would have been a lot easier. It doesn’t take away from the art, it makes it easier but business people who think these things are designed so that anyone can make good art by clicking a couple of buttons are wrong and their work shows it.

Lets ban primitives while we’re at it.

Poser is just a tool. If used correctly, you can get decent results.

If you hate poser that much, i suggest you get a hobby.

I showed you the decent results.

If you hate poser that much, i suggest you get a hobby.
I think you get me wrong. I hate Poser in the same manner as It’s not hatred just “hate”. :stuck_out_tongue:

Here, let me show you a posermodels-usage graph.
Based on research by the Corporation for Public Misinformation.

It’s scary isn’t it. :stuck_out_tongue:

And no, I don’t have a hobby but two! :slight_smile: …no, make that three!

and why not use poser models if their available? Especialy if you dont feel like modeling an entire human figure (or several). Poser allows you to modify the base mesh to get all kinds of results.

Being as ‘hardcore’ as you are im sure youve modeled several humans, but some of us arent as good at organic modeling.

Dont get me wrong though, just like AO, reflection, refraction and procedurals, theres a time to use it and theres a time to make something original.

Besides, comicsans is way worse than poser :wink: