Barbara Gordon (Batgirl) 🦇

Batgirl, keeping the city safe in sun or snow

I made one of my favorite fictional characters- all the way from default cube to final pose :wink:

This was a huge project, it’s the best work I’ve ever personally done and I’m delighted with the end result. @sozap helped me more than I can express with critiques and polishing, I am incredibly grateful to them for their help.



Progress shots


Pose inspiration - Batgirl Volume 4 cover


Outfit inspiration


This is the official concept art for Batgirl.

I have all 50 of the current line of Batgirl issues, in volumes 1-6, so this work was heavily inspired by that.

I also drew a lot of inspiration from a variant cover I have as a poster (my wife got it for me as a present):

Technical Details

117 bones, 70k polygons, 35 days since start of project, 72 versions, 80 hours of work total. I made every part of this- special thanks to Dikko for his poly-building tutorial, it was very helpful in this process.
The texturing was all done by hand. I did use a stitch brush for the stitching and this woven texture for the base. I did most of the texturing with Shader Nodes and Texture Painting- the stitching was done in Affinity Photo, painting over the stitch lines I painted in Blender.

Post-processing done in Affinity Photo.

Alternative render


Thanks for checking this out :slight_smile:


Nice! Great job on the hair shader. Has a good cartoon look.


Thank you, I really appreciate that :slight_smile: It’s a bit outside of my usual style, so I’m glad you think it worked!

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the shader looks cool. Is that done with shader nodes or it is a hand painted diffuse texture? i mean the sheen/fresnel on the suit and that face in the hair.

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Thanks! The sheen is partially from Sheen on a Principled BSDF and partially from a color-ramped Fresnel:

This isn’t the whole shader, as I’m using quite a few different alpha textures to get the final result, but it’s the relevant part.
The helmet has a simpler shader so that effect may be easier to see:

The hair is super simple, it’s actually just a gradient texture:


Super cool work !
It was really great to see how you improved and managed all the issues you encounter during the whole project !
You even learned how to make your own rig in the meantime. It’s super promising and I look forward to see what you’ll do when you’ll apply this new knowledge on other projects !
Keep up the good work !

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Thank you again :slight_smile:

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I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!


Thanks, much appreciated :slight_smile:

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