Hi all.

Here I leave my latest project. High resolution on my blog:

I tried that did not look like Aladdin, but obviously I have not succeeded.

It is well documented, a mix Arab styles. The coffered arches is Moroccan, the adobe houses are more typical of Jordan, and the balcony, inspired by Jaisalmer, India. Persian rugs, Moroccan pottery, brass utensils and an Arab marquetry table.

Blender 2.76 Cycles render, 5200 samples, 2304 x 1296. Hdri Lighting, without lamps.

I hope you like it.

Final render.

Clay and Opengl renders.


So much detail and atmosphere. This would look great in an animated movie.

looks great, I really like the mosaic region

loving it, especially lighting and details, good job, one critic though, perhaps edges of the arches could be alittle bit more sharper, there’s something cartoonish feeling which is not bad of course if that’s what you intend

So Beautifull as always :slight_smile:

Lovely environement. Always a pleasure to see your work :slight_smile:

Thank you very much to all!

-Bigbad: thanks friend. I tried show the typical atmosphere from the desert.

-Modron: thanks my friend. Well, the mosaic is a simple plane with an alpha texture for simulate the broken tiles.

-Ideorium: thank you very much for comment. I am glad you like it. The edges of arches are very rounded intencionally, because I tried make a cartoon scene, with big and curved lines. For me they are too smooth, because they aren’t displace modifier, only normal map. Thanks friend.

-Pieriko: thank you very much Pierrick! Well, you know, I love the cartoon environments…

-Habauk: thank you very much my friend for your beautiful words.

Other fast render, a night version with low resolution, but I think to make it in hd:

So beauty. Great!

Wonderful !!!

Awesome work, I don´t know why, but I prefer night scenes (obviously the original it´s awesome). Very good work.

It feels like Aladdin is going to run through and a bunch of guards from the palace will follow :smiley:

Awesome, as always.

Nice work overall. The detail and composition look pretty good and it really looks like a place you could really get lost in.

And I agree with the others, it kind of does have an Aladdin vibe to it.

-Enhidra: Thank you very much!!
-Noh: Thanks friend!!
-Sir Jorge: Thank you very Jorge! Perhaps it is because the night version has more magic, thanks!
-Julperado: thank you very much my friend, as always. Jaja, yes, or the Abu monkey stealing watermelons.
-Ace Dragon: Thank you very much friend! I am glad you like it, I tried make a very exotic and ancient place. Thanks!

Beautiful! I love everything about this image.
After I was done admiring the first post, I thought to myself, “it’d be really cool if there was a night version”
I was really glad to see you had already made one! :smiley:

I liked the first version, but the night version is amazing too :slight_smile:

This is really very very good!

Very good, Sergio!

I like especially the modeling of the walls and the texture of the main door with the scratched mosaic. It reminds me the southern Spain, where I live (AlmerĂ­a). It is kind of moroccan style :wink:

Love the light, as well. Only a good HDRI is enough, isn’t it? And also the colors. This could be, actually, a perfect set for an animation movie.

The only thing I see is something in the optics. I don’t know, maybe it is the size of the sand grains (too big, perhaps) maybe it is something to do with the depth of field effect into an image which looks like shot with a fish eye lens. Looks to me like a mineauture effect, does it?

Maybe I’m too twisted!!! I’m sorry :wink:

Anyway: Felicidades de nuevo, Sergio!

-Jeepster: thank you very much friend! I am glad you like the night version too. Perhaps it is because we remember the fairy tales “Arabian nights” with it.
-NID Graphics: thank you very much friend! The day version is the important render, with high resolution. But I wanted make a night version too, I have to make it in high quality.
-Ajbombadill: Thanks you very much! I am glad you like my artwork, thank you very much for comment friend!

Great Work, as always!

5 stars for me


cool man ,though i am from medal east yet i can do something like that ,awesome work